Coaching with Halina

Read below to learn much more about the Awakening To Joyful Living Coaching 

Who is the Awakening To Joyful Living coaching for?

I work with men and women who are already engaged in personal and spiritual growth. Some of them have integrated spirituality in their work, others are still searching. 

Even if they had success in their conventional career, they are drawn to a road less traveled, to expressing the natural uniqueness of who and what they truly are, in their personal life and in their work. 

They sometimes feel lonely. It can feel that way when your colleagues, friends or family don't quite understand you.

They are rising to the next level of their personal life, their work, their financial flow, their awakening and last but not least their joy. They are willing to create the changes that are necessary and willing to receive the gifts that come from it.

As we work towards their liberation, and while there are specific milestones they and we aim for, they are also regularly amazed by the repeated experience of opening up to something in themselves they weren't in touch with or didn't even know existed and by the extent of the changes that are possible for them as they dedicate themselves to their growth and joy. 

Perhaps you too feel how it's time for you to leap into a more true identity, into your purpose and your path, into freedom and joy in all areas of your life.

How to find the courage to change your life?

Often times it's not really courage. It feels more like necessity. It's the sense that you cannot stay where you are any longer. It's too frustrating, or too painful, or it just doesn't feel right anymore.

You know that you have to move on, and even if you don't know exactly what the next step, the next leap or the next level is for you, you know it's time.

While the transition can trigger fear - personal, career-wise, financial and spiritual - you are not alone! I'm here to guide and support you. I will use my extensive experience in all areas of life to help you find and apply the clarity, inspiration, tools and courage that you will need. You can make the leap and create what you are called to and truly want to experience!

What is the difference between the three coaching options?

First of all, please know that my dedication is to support as many as possible in taking the big leap from where you are now to living your life in Joy and PlayFulness in all areas of your life. That said, even if deep down we all want to live as the full experience of Joy, it is indeed a great endeavour. It can be difficult for some to know if you are ready for it, or just have the trust necessary immediately. That's why there are the opportunities to start with a short NEXT STEP session, or a single BREAKTHROUGH session. Both come with a free option to upgrade to the next level of coaching and even with a money-back guarantee.  

With a NEXT STEP session, you will find clarity around one specific question. The change here will be in terms of knowing your precise next step. It will also give you an impression of my coaching/mentoring style and the energy between us. If we choose to take it a step deeper, which is the recommended path for most, you can use your gift card towards Breakthrough Coaching. You will then have received the Next Step session for free. If for some reason further work turns out not be your preference, you will have access to the SEE Approach masterclass to support your journey. 

With a BREAKTHROUGH session, you will have an experience of a breakthrough in the area of your life that you choose to focus on during the session. Think of it as the very first yet powerful step of the big leap. If we choose to continue the work for the long-term libaration of your joyful self which is the recommended path for most, you can use your gift card towards Next Level Coaching. You will then have received the Breakthrough session for free. If for some reason a continuation turns out not be your preference, you will have access to the SEE Approach full course as well as the practices/tools/steps I will offer in the follow-up session.  

With NEXT LEVEL PROGRAM, we embark on a life-changing journey together. Liberating, expansive changes will be happening along the way, gradually as well as in the form of sudden breakthroughs (when you're ready). There will be more and more freedom and joy in all areas of your life. While opening to the next levels of your spiritual awareness is pivotal for the process, the work happens in the life you live here on Earth. In other words, most of the time we will be addressing specific aspects of your relationships, work, wealth, health, emotions and mind. I have a profound experience in all areas of life and will support you beyond strict spiritual/life coaching, either myself or via contacts I can recommend I will be by your side, guiding and supporting you every step of the way, during our sessions and even in between sessions to the extent that you may need it.

Choose the option you prefer at this time

All coaching offers include access to the SEE Approach, which is a simple yet highly transformational universal tool that you can use to address most challenges (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Next Step Coaching

  • Find the answer to one specific question
  • One 30 minutes coaching/mentoring session
  • The SEE Approach masterclass (video)
  • Plus a $60 gift card towards Breakthrough coaching

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Breakthrough Coaching

  • Find your way out of current stagnation or blockage
  • A profound up to 2 hours coaching session plus a follow-up session
  • Session recordings
  • The SEE Approach full course (video, pdf, emails)
  • Additional tools and steps as needed
  • Plus a $280 gift card towards Next Level coaching 

Next Level Coaching 

  • Take your life to the next level
  • Profound up to 2 hours coaching sessions 2-4 times per month
  • Session recordings
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Access to emergency sessions if needed
  • Supportive energy transmissions done on your behalf every week
  • Access to all current online and group programs including the SEEApproach 
  • Access to retreats and events at reduced price 

A few testimonials from clients 

"I have worked with a couple of coaches and teachers over the past few years, but one of the amazing things with Halina is that she leads me right back to ME every time--encouraging me to trust my experience--to create my own journey, my own set of knowings and beliefs. She goes beyond being just a coach though, in the traditional way. The only way I can introduce you to her work that feels comfortable to me is to say that, if you are familiar with Wayne Dyer's 'field of intention' or Carl Jung's 'collective consciousness or, if you have done any kind of energy work--this is how you get in touch with that level of energy." Vickie, USA

"Halina's coaching enabled me to see how it all "made sense". It's as if all the many things that I have learned and done over the past years suddenly become meaningful. I have received so many tools and insights from Halina, that I feel that I have learned more from our first 5 coaching sessions than I have learned over the last 3 years by reading tons of books and participating in dozens of courses. Halina saw the patterns and connections in my life and invited me to create changes. When I chose to do so she also showed me how to do it. Along the way my fear was transformed to drive. Thank you for being here, Halina. What you do is super-brilliant!" ~ Steen, Denmark  

“A lifetime plea now transmuted. The difference has been significant and consistent. That one line led to my uncovering yet another wonderful piece of the energetic puzzle rooted so deeply below the surface. For your wisdom and grace, I am both happy and grateful. What a blessing.” ~ Laura Mayer, USA  

  "You go above and beyond and that is what sets you apart from other coaches. I appreciate your willingness and open heart in supporting me in seeing the beauty of all things in my journey. I have come to a deep understanding that Life supports us fully at all times. This is one of the greatest gifts you have helped me come to see and know. I can love myself again. Thank You for your time and your kindness and mostly for not judging me. I feel completely safe with you, which helps me feel at ease to express myself and my experiences. It also gives me freedom to work through some limiting beliefs. I like feeling and knowing you are being honest with me at all times. Thank You for your Presence. I'm getting my Life back now. You said, "Everything is a gift." I believe that now. " ~ Judy, USA

"I now find myself able to choose joy in all areas of my life. I know now, that the fear that has been my companion all my life is simply an aspect of my life that I can be with. I'm so amazed and at the same time it feels completely natural to have that awareness about myself. I thought I was moving with very small step, but now it turns out to be giant steps" ~ Marianne, Denmark 

"I had a breakthrough sesssion with Halina regarding an issue that I have been working with for a long time. Halina's empathic presence was of great support for me. She gently led me to a place where I got in touch with my Higher Self. From that perspective, I experinced my issue completely differenly. I realized I am not alone and all is well" Z., Denmark 

"Halina speaks great truths gently – and my life hasn’t been the same since I began working with her. Her listening and intuition are both deep and kind. She has created the space for me to see my life as it really is, and as it can be. Halina offers amazing support and insight.” ~ Franny Bryant-Scott, Greece  

Here's how you can become a client

Practical questions and answers

How do we meet? Does my location matter?

We meet via a free conference call system called Zoom. Depending on your preferences we can communicate via camera (on your computer or smartphone) or just speak (also via computer or phone). All it requires is either a good internet connection or a good phone connection. Local numbers in your country will be provided for the latter.  

How much experience is required?

All of my clients have had some experience with personal and spiritual growth. It's not a requirement, but it's typical. In the unlikely case you don't have any such experience yet feel drawn to work with me, try a Next Step Coaching session. It will give you an sense of how I might be able to support you.  

How do I know it's for me?

If you're not sure start with a Next Step Coaching session to give yourself an experience of how I work and how I can support you. 

How much will it require from me?

My preference is to work with clients who are dedicated to their long-term growth and well-being. That said, the level and depth of dedication is up to you. The more energy, time and resources you invest in your personal and spiritual growth, the bigger the impact on your freedom, your joy and your fulfillment in life. It's that simple, really.  


I have never had a refund request following a coaching session. That said, I want you to have a chance to experience coaching with me without feeling that you're risking your financial investment. Your first coaching session with me is covered by a 100% money back guarantee. Just be sure to ask for a refund no later than 24 hours after your first session. There's more about our practical and legal agreements here.