The Facebook group is now open

The Awakening To Joyful Living Explorers group is a space for readers and students of the Awakening To Joyful Living books, courses and coaching programs (former and current):

I know that in my work I tend to provide the essence and not so many stories/details. In the group you can get additional clarification and ask questions related to your book/course. I will also be providing additional inspiration from time to time (but not personal coaching as such).

And of course, share your experiences and insights as related to the above (or just to the journey towards awakening and joyful living as such).

The group is free for those who have purchased any of the programs or books below:

  • All Coaching programs
  • The SEE Approach
  • Joyful Economy
  • Joyful Manifestation
  • Love Songs
  • Meditations For The Living
  • From Lonely To Home
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The Group Coaching program is in hibernation

I might be offering group coaching in the future, if the need emerges. It would include spiritual coaching around the courses and books mentioned above, and perhaps also writing, reading, creative activities, more social connection etc. If this is something you would be interested in, let me know (use the contact form below or email me).