This Group Coaching program is now open for everyone on a path to Awakening To Joyful Living

Even if you already have the foundation i.e. one of the Awakening To Joyful Living courses, actual transformation happens only when you work with it. Receiving direct coaching in a group environment will support you in creating actual transformations. It will take you far deeper than if you just work with the material on your own. It will accelerate your journey and expand your opportunities.

How It Makes a Difference

There is a huge difference between education and transformation. Between knowing what to do and then actually doing it. Between knowing what is possible and then actually experiencing it in your life. And last but not least between going it alone and being guided and supported along the way.

Especially work and money are areas of life where we tend to more or less hypnotized, but also in other areas of life it takes extra awareness and extra support to wake up to your greater (and more fun!) reality. This is what this group coaching program is created for. It is here to provide you with:

  • My personal support - through monthly sessions and also via the private Facebook group
  • New insights, perspectives and tools, much more than what I am able to include in the basic courses
  • The inspiration and support of a group of people on a similar journey

People who invest in this group are people who, like you, are ready for and dedicated to the journey - and that makes a difference too!

What's included

  • Monthly group coaching sessions, where you can share, ask questions and receive coaching support. Access to calls will be via web or phone (using a local number). Also via email and even anonymously, if needed
  • Downloadable recordings of all calls
  • When needed, new insights, inspirations and tools provided in between calls, and access to the archives of previously shared resources
  • The private (Facebook based) community where you can share experiences and support each other and where I answer questions in between coaching calls

Expression of Appreciation (pricing)

The expression of appreciation (aka price) depends on your commitment. Choose between the following options:

How To Join

  • Click the button below and express appreciation via PayPal. 
  • You will then receive an email where you are asked to fill out a fairly short application. This is to ensure that we are the right match for this work and group.  
  • I will be reviewing your responses ASAP and will then be sending you all the information you need to get started. In the unlikely case we're not a good match your first payment will be promptly refunded. 
  • Please also review the Legal Information here. 

"Yesterday's call was so uplifting for me - my whole day felt energized by joy in a new way. I definitely felt what you expressed Halina - that our group's consciousness will be uplifting for us all - it's just so much easier to create change when we're part of a bigger cell that are all intending together."
~ Deb Svanefelt (USA)