Lightworkers Group Coaching Program

Are you a Lightworker, a spiritually oriented coach, teacher, healer, practitioner, a human with a purpose, on a mission?  

And do you sometimes encounter resistance, negativity, lack of understanding, limitations, fear, perhaps even feelings of loneliness at times... If not in the work itself then in other aspects of your life...  

I understand that, I've been there too. And I know that it doesn't have to be that way forever.  

There is a way and there comes a time when things begin to align. It gets easier. There's much more flow, much more joy.  

The next level of your spiritual and personal unfoldment is really about that.  

It's about opening to more light so that your work as Lightworker and your personal life as well become.... lighter!  

This program is created to help you experience that increasing lightness and flow and become a more radiant, joyful Lightworker and human being.  

In amplifying your ability to shine your Light effortlessly, you will experience not only a significant increase of love, balance and vitality in your own life, but will also be able to contribute more without getting depleted or overwhelmed.  

You will also find heart to heart support on a journey that can otherwise feel somewhat lonely and isolated at times.  

In connecting through a dedicated group of other Lightworkers, led by an experienced spiritual mentor, your impact and your ability to fulfill your soul's calling will be even greater. 

"I got so much out of the last call...many great insights and much more clarity. Very grateful! I can’t wait to aid in uplifting my friend's energy as she goes through this next journey…..thanks Halina for all your inspiration that guided me to this and more… " ~ Ruth Stern 

"This Manual is doing something good for me...It gently helps me correct mistakes from the past. And it helps me understand Who I AM. I needed a guide to my life and I got it. "~ Line Nicolaisen  

Our journey together

Halina Goldstein

If you're not familiar with my work yet, visit the About Halina page here

Here's what you will get access to ...

  • Group coaching sessions where you can get your questions and challenges addressed. We meet our greatest challenges in our daily lives, and you can ask any questions, whether they relate to relationships, work, health, money, spirituality... and recieve support through wisdom grounded by my 40+ years of personal and spiritual work. 
  • The transformational framework called The Lightworker Manual. This is a "channeled" work speaking to your heart rather than your logical mind. A bit like "A Course In Miracles" - without any comparison to the latter as such by the way. The Lightworker Manual is just 50 pages or so, it's created in 2017 and it does not associate with any specific understanding of God / Source / the Divine / Consciousness. It is a profound guide for your Lightworker journey, inner and outer.
  • Daily instructions and guidelines to help you apply the teaching in your daily life and move through the Lightworker process consistently yet with very small investment of time.
  • Group meditations (Lightworkers Intention Groups) providing energetic support for you, your group and others as well.
  • Private community where you can share your journey with your peers.

Cycles of expansion

This journey unfolds through cycles of immersion and expansion. The first cycle will take you through the entire Lightworkers Manual. After that you you can move through all the modules again, knowing that each cycle will take you deeper and further than you were before. 

How to join

  • First, request this simple application form
  • To ensure we're the right match I will then invite you to a free one-on-one session 
  • If this is the right solution, you will then decide what is the most adequate level of investment for you. After that, I'll send you the PayPal link through which you can join the program and 
  • The journey begins!

Ensuring that this is what you want

To ensure that this is indeed what you want we will start with a free orientation session (It's typically 30-60 minutes).

But even after that, in case you decide this is not the right program for you, you can request a refund. All I ask is that you do so within 24 hours after your first coaching session. 

Otherwise, in that the program is designed as a monthly subscrption, you can cancel whenever you feel it's time for you to do so. 

Why start now

As this is a fairly new journey, by starting sooner rather than later you will have two benefits that others won't experience further down the road: 

  • Pioneer-energy. There is a special energy available for you when you're among the first ones in a group or in a project
  • More time with me. The program is not being advertised to the general public. Meaning, you get to work in a very small group to begin with, providing you with more individual time.