Transformational Power Of Joy

The Transformational Power Of Joy

How To Be In Joy Every Day During Challenging Times Too 

SATURDAY JANUARY 19TH at 10 AM Los Angeles, 6 PM London, 19:00 Copenhagen

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Halina Goldstein

Halina Goldstein Founder Awakening To Joyul Living Joy Keepers Network


Joy is our ultimate reason to live. Yet most of us miss the direct experience of unconditional joy even if it is our birthright and our nature. This free online masterclass offers powerful ways to grow your Joy.  

  • What is the true nature and power of joy?
  • Why is joy of essential importance in the healing of your life and of our world?
  • What simple practices and tools will enable you to reconnect with joy for good?

If you want to experience more Joy every single day... If you want our planet to be a world of joy and balance... This live training is for you. Register here.