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About Halina Goldstein

Halina Goldstein is a spiritual mentor living in Denmark and working globally.  

Having explored various personal and spiritual growth modalities since 1973, Halina has been including these in other aspects of her work, particularly music, since 1980. She has been mentoring and teachings experienced spiritual seekers since 2008.  

Her expertise includes Awakening To Joyful Living, opening to love, transforming loneliness to joy and integrating personal, creative and spiritual life.

In recognition of the global challenges that we’re facing, Halina is now dedicated to helping spiritual seekers become powerful, grounded Lightworkers that can raise the level of joy and light not only in their own lives, but everywhere they go, and globally.  

Speaking and Interviews

Halina offers webinars, masterclasses, keynotes and interviews on topics such as: 

  • Awakening To Joyful Living
  • Keys To Finding More Joy and Lightness, In Difficult Times Too 
  • How To Add Joy To The World's Most Challenging Transformations
  • Living With Lightness And Impact
  • How To Be The Light The World Needs Now
  • If you have other, related topics that you'd like her to address Halina is open to consider how she can contribute.

Recent activities include :

  • Awakening To Joyful Living masterclass, hosted by Andrea Pennington
  • "Healing Lightworkers" - an interview on America Out Loud 
  • Regular online presentations of her upcoming Lightworker Manual
  • Isolation: Keys to getting the support you need" for Professional Women’s Network Copenhagen 

Published Work

"From Lonely To Home - A Workbook For Finding Your Way"

A self-help book

"Meditations For The Living - Turning Loneliness To Joy"

Inspirational contemplations, accompanied by photography by Jim Hamel

Articles on own blogs as well as major spiritual and personal growth blogs

"Alive - A Love Recording"

Halina on silver flutes, accompanied by Pushkar on guitars and keyboards 

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