Awakening To Joyful Living Programs and Offers

Current Offers and Programs

 A Free Light And Joy Discovery Session  

 A transformational group journey based on the Lightworker Manual 

 A one-on-one transformational journey to greater empowerment in your work and life 

Individually Designed Programs

  If you feel drawn to my work yet don't feel that you fit any of the current offers you're not the only one. 

Along the way, quite a few people have reached out to me because they sensed I might be the right mentor/coach for them, without necessarily feeling they fit the program descriptions on my website. 

This is as meaningful as any other path and I am open to explore whether and how I can be of help.  

For me to do that, please contact me and send a few words about yourself and why you consider working with me and we'll take it from there!