Halina Goldstein
Awakening To Joyful Living

Why we get stuck
on our spiritual journey

3 Lessons and a liberating way
SEE our obstacles

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If in spite of the inner work you do, you keep getting overwhelmed by fear, uncertainty, loneliness or a sense of powerlessness - this is for you.


The SEE Approach is the simple method that helped me (as well as my clients and students) move from decades of loneliness, fear and confusion into more and more love, peace and joy. Here's how I found it and the three liberating lessons that came along with it.

  • Why I got stuck in loneliness, fear and lack again and again, for the first 20 years of my spiritual journey
  • The three essential insights that turned things around in all areas of my life (relationships, work, finances etc).
  • The natural approach that has been the transformational foundation for my journey ever since