Welcome to a collection of poetic short stories, magical, spiritual and yet recognizable in the way they portray our relationship with ourselves, each other and our spiritual essence. Feel how each story transforms what we experience as our greatest challenges, in our imagination and in our world and how it becomes a rich and unique journey, from mind to heart, from blindness to light, from separation to the mystery of our Oneness.


Each story is touched by the nature of bamboo, and they are as diverse as the bamboo that inspired them.


Back in 2006 in a dream I saw a book called “Bamboo Stories.” I immediately knew I was meant to write the book, so I started writing stories, which all were inspired by the bamboo plant or by something made of it. They all took place in different locations in Asia—which I had never visited.

Little did I know that I was not harvesting fruit, I was merely planting seeds. Once the stories were written I somehow didn’t feel motivated to continue the work, so I let them be and pretty much forgot all about them.

Then, in 2022 I was invited to come and visit a friend in Bali. It was a 30 years old dream coming true. Except, it was stopped last minute, by corona. Which was a good thing, for me.

It gave me another half a year to realize what was really germinating within me.

After that, I went to Bali on my own, with the intention to work on the bamboo stories.

I spent most of my 6 weeks in Bali sitting at a desk on a terrace overlooking beautiful rice fields, writing and rewriting. Along the way, most of the original bamboo stories were profoundly and radically transformed, a few stories were led to a gentle but definitive death and some new stories were born.

After this very long journey, I am happy to finally be able to bring “The Sacred Bamboo” to you. May these stories remind you of the joy and the knowing that has its home in your heart.

If you resonate with metaphysical fiction books such as Herman Hesse's "Siddhartha" or those by Kahlil Gibran or perhaps Karen Blixen, I believe "The Sacred Bamboo" will speak to you, your soul and your joy as well.

This book is a masterfully carved pearl. The Sacred Bamboo took me to sheltered places of my heart and soul, to recognize the ancient wisdom within. Story by story I embraced my human experience with even deeper compassion.

Let yourself be moved and uplifted by these enchanting and multifaceted stories. They will be an angel of light by your side.”
~Eva Andrea, Author and Spiritual Teacher

"Thank you for allowing me to read your incredible stories. I am enriched because of
your writing!”


Here's a conversation about "The Sacred Bamboo", an excerpt from the book, why you want to read it slowly, and last but not least who the book is for. Enjoy!

Writing In The New World

Most of the final work with “The Sacred Bamboo” was done during my 6 weeks writing retreat in Bali. Throughout this time I also wrote a poetic journal, about the experience and beyond the experience, and titled it "Writing In The New World." It may remind you of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's "Gift From The Sea." You will find a download link to "Writing In The New World" at the end of "The Sacred Bamboo" book.