Halina Goldstein

Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Writer

Hi! My name is Halina Goldstein.

I'm here to help Spiritual Seekers become powerful, grounded Lightworkers and Joy Keepers.

During these challenging times on planet Earth there truly is a need for us to connect and to work together, so that we can become the balancing, stabilizing light, in our own lives, wherever we go and globally

A few testimonials...

"Halina speaks great truths gently – and my life hasn’t been the same since I began working with her. Her listening and intuition are both deep and kind. She has created the space for me to see my life as it really is, and as it can be. Halina offers amazing support and insight. She has encouraged me to take practical action in my personal life that has helped me to grow more and be more able to experience the joy that has always been waiting for me, just under the surface. With Halina’s help I’ve become so much better attuned to (and trusting of!) my own intuition and capacity for flow and joy. With deep gratitude,” ~ Franny Bryant-Scott, Canada

"The only way I can introduce you to Halina's work that feels comfortable to me is to say that, if you are familiar with Wayne Dyer’s ‘field of intention’ or Carl Jung’s ‘collective consciousness or, if you have done any kind of energy work–this is how you get in touch with that level of energy.” ~ Vickie Lewis (USA)

"I have received so many tools and insights from Halina, that I feel that I have learned more from our first 5 coaching sessions than I have learned over the last 3 years by reading tons of books and participating in dozens of courses. Halina saw the patterns and connections in my life and invited me to create changes. Slowly but surely my fear was transformed to drive." ~S.Larsen (Denmark)

“I now find myself able to choose joy in all areas of my life. I’m so amazed and at the same time it feels completely natural to have that awareness about myself. I thought I was moving with very small steps, but now it appears to be giant steps.” ~Marianne Wilhelm (Denmark)

"I have never before had such a deep contact with my joy for such a long period of time” ~Rosalina Hansen (Denmark)

About Halina...

Halina Goldstein is a spiritual growth mentor living in Denmark and working globally. 

Having explored various personal and spiritual growth modalities since 1973, Halina has been including these in other aspects of her work, particularly music, since 1980. She has been mentoring and teachings experienced spiritual seekers since 2008. 

Her expertise includes opening to love, transforming loneliness to joy, integrating personal, creative and spiritual life and last but not least flow and awakening.  

Halina has published a CD with meditative music titled "Alive - A Love Recording", a collection of Haiku-like contemplations titled “Meditations for the Living” as well as a book titled “From Lonely To Home: A Workbook for finding your way.” She has written hundreds of inspirational articles, including for leading spiritual blogs such as TinyBuddha, FinerMinds and PickThe Brain. 

In recognition of the global challenges that we’re facing, Halina is now dedicated to helping spiritual seekers become powerful, grounded Lightworkers that can raise the level of light and joy not only in their own lives, but everywhere they go, and globally. 

For more information on her professional background, visit Halina on LinkedIn.