Halina Goldstein

About Halina...

Halina Goldstein is a spiritual growth mentor living in Denmark and working globally. 

Having explored various personal and spiritual growth modalities since 1973, Halina has been including these in other aspects of her work, particularly music, since 1980. She has been mentoring and teachings experienced spiritual seekers since 2008. In 2018 Halina dedicated herself entirely to the Joy Keepers Network and to sharing her expertise through speaking/teaching rather than individual mentoring.

Her expertise includes opening to love, transforming loneliness to joy, integrating personal, creative and spiritual life and last but not least aligning with purpose and soul, joy, flow and awakening.  

Halina has published a CD with meditative music titled "Alive - A Love Recording", a collection of Haiku-like contemplations titled “Meditations for the Living” as well as a book titled “From Lonely To Home: A Workbook for finding your way.” She has written hundreds of inspirational articles, including for leading spiritual blogs such as TinyBuddha, FinerMinds and PickThe Brain. 

In recognition of the global challenges that we’re facing, Halina is now dedicated to helping spiritual seekers become powerful, grounded lightworkers that can raise the level of light and joy in their own lives, their environment, and globally. 

For more information on her professional background, visit Halina on LinkedIn.