An Awakening To Joyful Living Workshop

Open to more of your joyous, abundant nature! Join a pilot project designed to explore how you can relate to and manifest your joyful economy using a specific transformational process. Learn how to experience more joy, freedom and abundance in your relationship with money and life as it unfolds.

Who This Is For

It is for you who has some sense of your abundance, in glimpses but not consistently. You want to deepen and ground that awareness, and co-create a more Joyful Economy from that space. You are willing to open your heart and mind to the process and are committed to work with it while sharing your experiences in a group of like-minded friends.

What This Workshop Is And Is Not For

It is to give you a way to keep expanding and awakening to your abundant nature, and a growing experience of building and having a Joyful Economy. It is to help you explore your ability to give and receive. Which may or may not affect your financial numbers - that's not the point as numbers are relative (we will talk about that too). The point is what we all truly seek - namely to experience more joy, freedom and abundance in your relationship with money and life as it unfolds.

What Is A Joyful Economy

A joyful economy is a way to relate and work with your financial flow in open partnership with your true Self rather than based on fear and dogma. It is to relate to money as energy and a transformational opportunity, not just a thing. It is an experience of growing joy, freedom and trust regardless of circumstances. It is an experience of receiving everything you need and everything you truly want, and more than that. It is bringing yourself and your economy in greater alignment with your spirit.

What's included

  • The Joyful Economy process, shared via video and PDF 
  • Monthly group coaching classes, where you can share, ask questions and receive coaching support. Access to calls will be via web or phone (using a local number).
  • Recordings of all calls
  • A private Facebook group where you can share experiences and where I answer questions in between coaching calls
  • BONUS: The SEE Approach - a way to meet and transform limitations

How Is This A Pilot Project

Even if based on decades of experience, this is a new process as such and one of the intentions of this project is to explore how this particular process works for you. To accomodate this, the pilot project is only open for those who are committed to work with the method/process wholeheartedly (for as long as it feels right) and to share their experiences and feedback with the group and with me. Also, because this is a pilot project, the expression of appreciation for the project (aka price) is only $33/month. If for you even that amount represents an inmountable challenge, see the note at the end of this page.

How To Join

  • Click the button below and express appreciation via PayPal. 
  • You will receive an email where you are invited to fill out a fairly short application. This is to ensure that we are the right match for this project and group.  
  • I will be reviewing your responses ASAP and will then be sending you all the information you need to get started. In the unlikely case we're not a good match your first payment will be promptly refunded. 
  • You will also be receiving the Joy Keeper News (and can unsubscribe anytime.) 
JOIN the Pilot Project 


If it seems absolutely impossible for you to invest financially in this program and you are absolutely sure that you should be part of it nevertheless, contact me here and give me a reason to make an exception for you. I cannot promise that I will, but I am willing to consider it.