Joyful Economy is a way to relate and work with your financial flow in open partnership with your true Self rather than based on fear and dogma.
It is to relate to money as energy and a transformational opportunity, not just a thing.
It is an experience of growing joy, freedom and trust regardless of circumstances.
It is an experience of receiving everything you need and everything you truly want, and more than that.
It is bringing yourself and your economy in greater alignment with your spirit.


This video is from the original course
that you now get as a book

Who is this book for?

This book is for you who has some sense of your abundance, in glimpses but not consistently. You want to deepen and ground that awareness, and open to an experience of Joyful Economy from that space. You are willing to open your heart and mind to the process and do the simple practices that are an essential part of the journey. They do not take much time but do require some consistency.

What can it do for you?

The book can give you a way to keep expanding and awakening to your abundant nature, and a growing experience of building and having a Joyful Economy. It is to help you explore your ability to give and receive. And to help you experience more joy, freedom and abundance in your relationship with money and life as it unfolds.

Students and Readers Testimonials

β€œIt was a transcending experience... I was transported into pure joy and abundance. Halina Goldstein captures the poetry and wonder of money as pure energy masterfully. And shows how we can allow ourselves to discover our relationship with it with joy."

"I believe the joyful practices are the foundation for what I have been manifesting, and they are also making my life in general more joyful"

β€œYou gave me something bigger than money. I am at peace, and I sleep peacefully since I began to practice what is in this book, the big MASTER KEY to everlasting wealth and joy."

"You take spirituality and self-development to an entirely new level. "This program is exactly what I needed, when I needed it."

"I discovered the link between my own well-being (and belief that I am abundant) and the actual flow of money.”

Interview with the author

Hear about the process behind the book - and why it is important that writers (and others on a spiritual path) create a Joyful Economy for themselves.
Learn more about Eva Andrea, founder of the School Of Enchanting Writing.