Poetic notes from the heart's mysterious journey, leading us from someone special to the One, from clinging to joyous freedom, from searching to sharing love.

Written in Halina's own essential language, colored perhaps by her love of Rumi and Kahlil Gibran. A small yet spacious collection, to be savored one line and one page at a time.

Paperback and e-book available in major international bookstores


read by Eva Andrea, spiritual author, mentor & founder of the Magical Writers Tribe

What readers say

"My heart broke open with love, every poem carried me deeper into peace, oneness, silence like gentle waves. And I'm still floating in this wordless space, tears on my cheeks and a freeing laughter in my chest."
~ Eva Andrea, author and writing teacher

"Some of the most beautiful poems I've ever seen. World-class. Completely magical and transcending. I read the poems this morning and forgot every sense of time.”
~ Steinar Ditlefsen, Founder of the European Transformational Teachers Gathering, International Speaker, Teacher & Coach

“Her words remind me of the emptiness in meditation when I sit and see nothing and everything. The beautiful pieces that allowed me to slow down and pause. Highly recommended for anyone looking to ponder the depths of love within.”
~ Gila Nehemia, Sacred Erotic Self-Love Intimacy Mentor, Poet, and Mystic

“Poetry that whispers softly to the roses unfurling in your heart. Your bookshelf will feel naked without Halina Goldstein's soulful collection”
Andrea Gardner, Hay House author and Heal Your Life coach

"They are like love activators and also like a meditation, a bath in the love energy, a path for the self-love journey. It was a pure delight to read, cannot stop ..."
Laura Casini, The Lifeforce Painter, Awarded International Artist

"I enjoyed the flow of the poetic language, the art of expression. The journey from poem to poem left me with deep curiosity. I want to read your poems many more times - so much to experience, to discover”

"Reading your poems, I feel like I am getting some very personal messages."

"I love this book! I carry it with me everywhere”

Bonus: Love Songs
read by the author

Inside the 2nd edition of the book you will find a link to a page where you can download mp3 recordings of all the poems read by the author.