The SEE Approach is a simple yet powerful way to meet any situation and any experience with love and acceptance, even when it appears impossible.

We sometimes get stuck in our challenging experiences, trying to do and feel right, trying to avoid what feels wrong. Especially what seems wrong with ourselves...

When this happens, whether it is emotional, mental, physical or spiritual pain, the SEE Approach can help you heal and reconnect with your natural state of wholeness, peace and flow. The process is really simple, natural and possible to use in all situations. And, it is a transformational practice that is helpful regardless of where you are on your personal and spiritual journey.

Who it is for

It is for you who are on a path of personal and spiritual discovery yet experience challenges that prevent you from being yourself completely, and from creating what you truly want to create.

Perhaps you are a coach, or a teacher, or an artist who has left a successful career to follow your dreams, and in doing so encounters confusion, stress, insecurity, fear or loneliness? You have learned some good tools, yet feel stuck in some ways. You are not experiencing as much joy, clarity and flow as you expected. The SEE Approach is for you too.

An essential process

Throughout the entire Awakening To Joyful Living journey, this single process has been essential for me as well as my clients and students.It is not a magic wand, in the sense that it takes practice. And yet there is something magical to the simplicity and efficiency of it.

To give you just one example among countless: As loss has been a major theme during the first 40 years of my life, I accumulated a considerable fear of it along the way. Using the SEE Approach I not only have reached a place where there is very little fear of loss (of people, money or anything else). I also gained some unique, liberating insights around the very nature of fear and loss and have seen it being replaced by a deeper sense of certainty.

What to expect

Because this is a universal approach, you can apply it to any discomfort or challenge you encounter. Applying the SEE Approach consistently can help you...

  • experience growing, unconditional love (for yourself and others)
  • understand your needs and know how to fulfill them
  • feel more open, free and joyful
  • experience more flow in all areas of life
  • feel more at home (alone and with others)
  • and much more...

Imagine being able to SEE yourself and your life with love, lightness and joy, no matter what. Imagine being able to SEE others in a similar way.

What's in the e-book

  • Thorough explanation, presentation and instructions on how exactly to apply the SEE Approach (video and text)
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • The SEE Contemplation (bonus meditation)
  • Inspiration on how to practice Radical Self Love


”When there is a discomfort, I can approach it and I’m not afraid of it anymore. Sometimes memories come up, and then I can dive even deeper into it. Some of these memories are still there but without the emotional charge.I also use the SEE Approach when I encounter fear, like around the Corona pandemic. Here I believe SEE was one of the reasons why I got better sooner, even before we received news of the general situation improving. My heart opens up and integration happens between love and whatever was hurting in me, and that gives me much freedom.” ~ B.K.

"I was so grateful a few days later that your words came to me through the sobbing and howling. It was a guiding light" ~ C.B.  

"It was indeed a a wonderful and inspiring! For some reason I found myself crying most of the time in the class. It really touched my heart!" ~ L.N.  

"Wow- wow- wow- One Word - AMAZING! What a gift!Thank You!" ~ Kristin Wang

"The SEE approach is sound and a valuable tool. I have found it a useful way to deal with my physical pain. It's a practical way of loving myself, and of staying in the present moment." ~Steve Vaglica