Meditations on Self-Love and Joy

Poetry and Photography

Here’s a simple, poetic and beautiful companion for your journey from loneliness and loss to love, joy and belonging.
There are so many spiritual growth books and also grief books available today, and that's helpful and important. But sometimes, what you need is not a teaching, not a tool, but just a few essential words and a vision that speaks straight to your healing heart.
Self love and healing always come together and this collection of 25 meditations on self-love and joy was created specifically for your personal and spiritual journey.
Each meditation consists of a short, haiku-like poem and a beautiful natural image for you to contemplate.
This is your loving invitation to open your heart and receive the gifts that are waiting for you there.


"I was immediately struck by these beautiful meditations and photos. So much depth and clarity that went straight to my heart on my first reading. The messages resonate with me and I feel myself expand as I read them." ~ Rob Bednark

"It all flows harmoniously, I love the format. A lot of of wisdom and simplicity in touching on issues that matter so much to us all... The beautiful artwork allowed me to be touched by the message even more profoundly." ~ Tamara  

"Her poetry is so heartwarming, and it brings about so much peace to my mind."

“Beautiful, poetic, and, at the same time, light and very deep. A wonderful companion book especially for people in transition.” ~ Carna Zacharias-Miller