Awakening To Joyful Living 

  with Halina Goldstein

Speaker, teacher and writer, showing spiritual seekers how to transform overwhelm, dissatisfaction, loneliness and stagnation into a lasting experience of joy, love and freedom. 

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There's almost no joy.
I feel  stuck and long for change.
I feel joy sometimes.
Not as much as I want to.
My life is quite joyful.
But the world - not so much.

Finding Joy Every Day

"From the moment of birth, every human being wants to discover happiness. Joy is in fact our birthright and even more fundamental that happiness". ~ Dalai Lama Download this free book will help you on your way to joy with a simple yet powerful practice.

Feel More Joy

Finding Peace, Love And Joy In The Middle Of Any Storm  

"If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, thoughts or pain at times... If you've heard that you should "just accept it" but don't feel it sets you free... this is for you!"

Feel More At Peace

The Winding Road to Purpose and Joy

How to grow into the certainty of
your calling and become
who you were born to be

Programs and Services

Transformational tools, programs and services for your Awakening To Joyful Living journey


"I was immediately struck by these beautiful meditations and photos. So much depth and clarity that went straight to my heart on my first reading. The messages resonate with me and I feel myself expand as I read them."