Awakening To Joyful Living Stories

The Sacred Bamboo

Short Stories

This book is a masterfully carved pearl. The Sacred Bamboo took me to sheltered places of my heart and soul, to recognize the ancient wisdom within. Story by story I embraced my human experience with even deeper compassion. Let yourself be moved and uplifted by these enchanting and multifaceted stories. They will be an angel of light by your side.”

Awakening To Joyful Living Poetry

Love Songs

Spiritual Poetry

"Some of the most beautiful poems I've ever seen. World-class. Completely magical and transcending. I read the poems this morning and forgot every sense of time.”

Meditations on Self-Love and Joy

Poetry and Photography

"I was immediately struck by these beautiful meditations and photos. So much depth and clarity that went straight to my heart on my first reading. The messages resonate with me and I feel myself expand as I read them."


Awakening To Joyful Living Tools

Joyful Manifestation

Live In Freedom and Joy
By Manifesting In Alignment With Your Soul, Step By Step

I just love your book! Where others just scratch the surface of what manifestation means, you go deep. The process presented is easy to follow and so multifaceted. As someone who has been on a spiritual journey for many years, I feel that I have outgrown a lot of the books on manifestation and spirituality. Your book is a true gem for anyone who wants to go deeper into manifesting in co creation with soul.

Joyful Economy

Realizations and practices
for creating a joyful and fulfilling
relationship with money, finances and your soul

“You gave me something bigger than money. I am at peace, and I sleep peacefully since I began to practice what is in this book, the big MASTER KEY to everlasting wealth and joy."

The SEE Approach

A Radical Self Love And
Spiritual Pain Management Workbook

When there is a discomfort, I can approach it and I’m not afraid of it anymore. Sometimes memories come up, and then I can dive even deeper into it. Some of these memories are still there but without the emotional charge.I also use the SEE Approach when I encounter fear, like around the Corona pandemic. Here I believe SEE was one of the reasons why I got better sooner, even before we received news of the general situation improving. My heart opens up and integration happens between love and whatever was hurting in me, and that gives me much freedom.”

Finding Joy Every Day

A Simple Practice for Joyful Living

“Your book is amazing. It’s straight-forward and easy to understand. I especially appreciate the 3 steps. They give me this “Yes, I can do that!” feeling. And with that the courage and the motivation to continue.”

Other Contributions

Magic & Miracles

21 Real Life Experiences from the Edges of Logic and Science

"They’re speaking to my heart, touching me, bringing me both tears and joy. How beautiful life is, how much hope there is. I needed to read this. I realize more and more that there is healing in this book, it is a miracle book indeed, a book of wisdom."

Various Magazines

Green Ink Poetry, SmallLeafpress, Aloka,

Syncroniciti, Silkworm, On The Other Side Of Hope and more