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Halina Goldstein is the founder of Awakening To Joyful Living and of the Joy Keepers Network. She lives in Denmark and works globally.  

Having explored several personal and spiritual growth modalities since 1973, Halina has been including these in her various teaching activities since 1980. She has been focusing on mentoring and teaching experienced personal and transpersonal growth clients and students since 2008. In 2018 Halina dedicated herself to the Joy Keepers Network and to serving more people through speaking and workshops.

Her expertise includes

  • Joyful Living
  • Awakening to Oneness
  • Opening to Love
  • Transforming Loneliness to Joy and 
  • Aligning With Our Life Purpose And Joy  

Halina's first keynote was at age 12, when she was selected to offer the graduation speech for her school. Since then she's been primarily speaking at workshops, retreats, gatherings etc. Halina is also a former musician and has given many solo concerts, some of them combined with speaking, including for leading spiritual teachers such as Lakha Lama (former member of Dalai Lama's Tibetan government).  

Keynotes, Workshops, Masterclasses, Interviews

Halina offers keynotes, workshops, masterclasses and interviews on topics such as: 

  • The Transformational Power Of Joy
  • Keys To Finding More Joy and Lightness, In Difficult Times Too 
  • Turning Loneliness to Joy 
  • The Winding Road to Purpose and Joyful Living
  • How To Add Joy To The World's Most Challenging Transformations
  • Living With Lightness And Impact
  • How To Be The Light The World Needs Now  

If you would like her to contribute on other, related topics Halina is happy to consider these. Keynote and workshop duration can be adjusted to the needs of your audience/event. Anything between 10 minutes and multiple days is possible.


“I was fortunate enough to see Halina speak in person at an event recently. Having been in the personal development and transformation circles for over 20 years now, I felt compelled to write this... Halina’s reality shift invitation is without doubt embodied at a soul level which enables her to teach it with profound simplicity. However she has a unique ability to relay her life experience in a method that guides the audience to a powerful revelation via a highly intelligent set of sequences. As one follows the path of her own self discovery from a place of acute loneliness and self rejection into a place of incredible self love and connection, it is literally experienced as a tangible method to apply to one’s own life. What makes it even more effective is the irrefutable evidence she shares as a result of her clients experiencing a similar reality shift by applying her methods. Halina is without doubt a ‘perfect storm’. A lady who had the courage and faith to go where she had to go to achieve her own transformation combined with the incredible ability she has to reveal it in a highly engaging presentation. Halina is one of the great teachers of our time and if her work resonates with you, she is an absolute must see. I have no doubt that Halina is on her way to become a highly respected speaker on the world circuit in her field.”  

~Willow McIntosh - Author, Speaker & Facilitator

"Your presence was such a GIFT, Halina! You BEAMED LOVE, GRACE & ONENESS (Along with a generous helping of your peaceful WISDOM). Thank you for coming and sharing your heart with us"

~Andrea Pennington, Event Host, Speaker & Facilitator

"Thank you for a truly joyful evening. It was so fine to host a wise woman with the beautiful purpose of bringing more joy. I look forward to next time and even more joy"

~Stine Brandt Larsen, Event Host, Speaker & Facilitator

"How I underestimated the power of the gentle current that runs beneath the soft surface. Halina captured me from the first minute and throughout, with her bubbly loving voice. Her key insights on loneliness and joy set people free!"

~ Helene Chantal Friis Philipsen, Event Host, Speaker & Facilitator

"Seeing you on stage was amazing. You have your very own way of sharing your message, and it works. There are so many lonely people in the world who need to hear your message, your wisdom and your joy" 

~ Gitte Winter Graugaard, Speaker & Facilitator

"I'm so glad you were on the show today. You are absolutely a pefect Guest. I enjoyed it and got a ton of value" 

~ Terri Levine, Radio Host & Facilitator

"In my interview with Halina Goldstein, a spiritual teacher in Denmark, she talks about how to access a very natural and inexhaustible energy within us in order to be more balanced, strong, and resilient as we do the work of bringing about positive change in our world. This is a truly fascinating interview that I think you'll find very beneficial and enlightening!"

 ~ Lorna Bright, Event Host & Facilitator  

Recent Activities

  • "Joy vs Happiness", conversation with Deb Svanefelt, February 2019
  • "The Transformational Power Of Joy", webinar for the Joy Keepers Network, January 2019
  • "Finding the love and light within", video interview at Thrive Global, November 2018
  • "Creativity And Joy", interview for Creatively Speaking Radio, October 2018
  • "The Transformational Power Of Joy", webinar for the Happiness Agora, October 2018  
  • "The Transformational Power Of Joy", keynote at the Spiritual School in Hvidovre, Denmark, September 2018  
  • "The Transformational Power Of Joy", keynote at the Center For Mindful Living in Hilleroed, Denmark, August 2018
  • "The Transformational Power Of Joy", workshop at the Holistic Festival in Praestoe, Denmark, July 2018
  • "The Ascension Path" telesummit hosted by Karin Eke, June 2018
  • "Turning Loneliness To Joy", keynote at the Real Self Life Days in Copenhagen, June 2018
  • "Be The Voice Of Positive Change" telesummit hosted by Lorna Bright, April 2018
  • "Awakening To Joyful Living masterclass", hosted by Andrea Pennington
  • "Healing Lightworkers" - an interview on America Out Loud 
  • Regular online live presentations of her upcoming "Lightworker Manual"
  • "Isolation: Keys to getting the support you need" for Professional Women’s Network Copenhagen 


Video interview at Thrive Global

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