About Halina...

Halina Goldstein is a spiritual mentor, speaker, teacher and author living in Denmark and working globally. 

She has been dedicated to spiritual and personal growth for since 1973. For the first decades of that journey, she struggled with loneliness. Eventually, thanks to deep inner work as well as a series of breakthroughs into awakening, she found out how to SEE, unlock and expand into love, joy and purpose, for herself and for her clients.

Exploring our relationship with money has been an important aspect of that journey, expressing itself first in the form of Busting Loose From The Money Game (Halina was Robert Scheinfeld's first authorized coach) and more recently in the form of her Joyful Economy course.

As a spiritual mentor, Halina works with therapists, coaches, teachers and creators who have dropped out of a successful career to follow their dream. It’s a new situation with as many possibilities as challenges, including lack of financial security. Halina helps them find out what it is that is really their life’s work, and then bring it to the world from a space of joy, certainty and flow.

Last but not least Halina is an emerging author of spiritual poetry, non-fiction and fiction. More about her books here.

Halina lives in Denmark, works globally and is also the founder of the Joy Keepers Network.

For more information on her professional background, visit Halina on LinkedIn.