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I just came home from a retreat with a big group of transformational teachers from around Europe. It was wonderful! It was profoundly inspiring, it was life-changing, and it was also warm and cozy and fun… I loved it! And… There were at least 4 people there (and probably more) who in the midst of [...]

If you attended any of my webinars you’ve heard me sharing the story of the sudden awakening to love that I experienced in one of the darkest times of my life. You can also read about it here.  What I wanted to share with you today is that there is  nothing special about it. Or [...]

Where do you find the support, healing and joy that we all need, when you live alone and feel alone too? I was surprised to discover that Essential Oils and AromaDance not only could help in this regard but can assist in a powerful transformation and enrichment on all levels of our existence. The discovery took place during [...]

It's been a long time since I experienced missing someone - the way you miss someone when you know you will never get to see them again.  But the other day I was reminded of it, even if it was but a tiny shadow of how that would feel years ago. And that's what led [...]

You could argue that the New Year is just a man made concept. But then again, when millions of people cultivate that arbitrary shift together, then it becomes very real, something that you feel and relate to. In that sense dedicating this time of the year to new beginnings makes total sense, however you do [...]

Dear Friends, Throughout December, and culminating these days, while Happy Holidays is being said over and over, it's not all that simple. Actually, the whole palette of our collective emotions is in use right now, from the brightest colors to the darkest, from fear to expectation. And that's Okay. However you feel, whatever you look [...]

Even if I communicate with Americans every single day, my home is in Denmark. Here they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as such. They haven’t adopted it the way they have adopted some other American traditions, such as Valentine and Halloween and Black Friday.  Yes, we have Black Friday here for sure, but without the Thanksgiving. Go [...]

Do you recall last time you came home after one of those really tough days at work that don’t seem to have an end… I hope you don’t have too many of them, but they do happen for most of us...And so, on a day like this as you enter your home do you feel happy [...]

I’m currently connecting with other loneliness experts around the world. Collectively, we approach loneliness in many different ways, from scientific to spiritual, from educational to therapeutic. And yet, as different as we all are, we all agree on the same observation: No one wants to talk about it. April Joy Ford, author of "You Are Not [...]

When I meet people who are literally stuck in loneliness, people who have hopes and dreams yet endure the same pain and emptiness every day - it breaks my heart. Loneliness is not a place where you should stay for the rest of your life!I know that some people do stay there nevertheless. But I don’t want you [...]