Shine the way only you can

I had a spontaneous realization, a wonderful eye and heart and body opening experience. And I want you to have it too. Only I can’t do that kind of magic here (I might if we embark on a journey together). So I will try to share it with you the best way I can right now.  I hope the experience will shine through.  🙂

Facing the “less than”

Have you ever looked at someone and found yourself not only comparing, but simply having to acknowledge you’re less than them. No matter how positive you wanted to be, you’re just not that young, or that beautiful, or that fit, or that successful, or that eloquent, or that popular, or that spiritual, or that experienced, or that…

Trying to love in spite of it

Now being the conscious person that you are, perhaps you tried to do something about that negative view of yourself. Perhaps you, later, looked at yourself in the mirror and hoped that you would be pleasantly surprised. But there’s a limit how surprising it can get. You know yourself pretty well. And the person in the mirror  has same age, the same face, the same marks, visible or invisible, the same…

And perhaps you just do your very best to love the person that you see in the mirror, and really open your heart to her or him, and you promise yourself to genuintely love yourself… in spite of it all.

And that’s a great step on your self-loving journey.

But you see…

You cannot shine “in spite of it”

You cannot shine out of dedication to love yourself. Light doesn’t come through arranged marriages, you know. Not until love comes and throws all arrangements out the window!  😉

You’ve got to fall in love with yourself

For you to shine naturally, spontaneously, without even trying to, you’ve got to fall in love with yourself. Not in spite of what and who you are. Not even because of what and who you are. But for one reason only. Because you cannot not love yourself, you cannot not be thrilled by being human, and being you, and being you with everyone else just the way you are.

And if that’s difficult to feel right now, that’s Okay. But let me share this picture with you…


Imagine this Special Unit

Imagine a very special team with a very special task that will make all the difference that needs to be made. You know what a great honor it is to be part of that team. And you would do anything to be part of it. Anything!

You’re already dedicated yourself to it, with all your heart, body, mind and spirit, even before you know if you’ll ever get a chance. Everything in you is in alignment, wanting just one thing: being part of this team.

And you know how carefully they select those to be on the team. You know how everyone on the team is there for one reason only: Because of who they are. Exactly that age, that look, that set of capacities and, just as important, inadequacies. Those experiences, those failures, those wounds and scars, this weirdness, is exactly what is needed. Because the only way the team can fulfill its assignment is by everyone being themselves as much as they possibly can. Everyone shining their own unique beingness. If they don’t, the whole project is dead.

You know that. And you wait. And you wait. And then…

Your greatest dream ever comes true.

You hear your name

And it’s like you  hear it for the first time in your life. It’s the most beautiful sound in the world. It’s you!

And you step forward. Or if you’re in a wheelchair you wheel forward. And you look around. Or if you can’t see you listen around. And your heart is overflowing with joy.

And you love, love, love being you, here, now, with this team. This is what you have been wanting all your life. This. You. And this is what they’ve been wanting all their life. This. You. Here. With them.

And you shine

You shine proudly and generously, you shine everything that you are, right now, so perfectly you. Your age. Your shape, and form, and smell. Your feelings, all of them. Your thoughts, all of them. Your spirit. The. Infinite. You.

That’s it. That’s all you need to know. That’s all you need to be.

Oh, and the name of that special team, with that special assignment?

Is it Joy Keepers? Actually, no.
Is it Lightworkers? No.
It is:


Welcome to Humanity, my friend. And thank you, thank you so much for being YOU!

See the Light in any disguise

Isn’t the miracle of creation just breathtaking… It is way beyond words for sure. But then, I love words… So here are some words, some instructions of a sort:

Let’s take a walk on a busy street

Let’s notice all the people passing us by. Be present with them, be open. Try not to judge. Try to see them.

Let yourself be amazed by this unbelievable diversity.

Think about it: Whoever you see is Light, expressing itself in that particular way, in that particular human, in that particular life.

Light is this human, and then again it is so much more.

Just like the artist is her work and then again she is so much more.

If Light can express itself in all ways, then we can too.

So let’s take it a step further

See yourself in any and all of those passers-by. See yourself happy or sad, empty or full, friendly or not. See yourself in any costume, in any disguise.

What an abundant adventure it is, to be able to experience yourself in any look and in any mind, in any voice and in any feeling.

This is all you. This is all us.

My heart is overflowing. Is yours too? It must be. We are one.

Oneness is not just a pretty metaphor.

Oneness is all there is. It has always been, it will always be. Timeless and in this Earthly time.

See yourself in every expression it has.

You are free! So allow yourself to be anything and anyone, and allow others the same.

This is the art of the Light, and it’s been brought to life for a reason.

We cannot return to Light without returning to Life

Return to your feet, walking on this Earth.

Return to the inner Light, the way only you know it.

Return to your center and allow yourself to shine.

Stay as open as the Light you’re shining.

Shine the Light. Shine you. And wear any costume you like.

If you have trouble dealing with any negativity you may meet along the way

Finding Light Everywhere

The light in your voice

I’m sharing a personal experience below. But that’s not why I’m sharing it. This is about us, and our potential as Lightworkers and Joy Keepers. Oh, and it’s not about singing. 😉

The people who don’t come for words

It’s happened twice now. Someone listening to my videos, without having much interest in the content or even understanding the word and yet, listening in! And not just listening to one of these video, but to several of them. Why?

I mean these videos have no music, no pictures, no entertainment. It’s just me sharing whatever is in my mind, or heart, or in the Lightworkers Manual.

These people have said that they’re listening because they find my voice soothing, or  calming.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve received that response in the past as well. I’ve had people sign up to my coaching programs, and then telling me “It was something in your voice”. It wasn’t something I said, mind you. It was something in the voice itself.

And before that, wherever I worked (technical support, kindergarten, New Age shop) it was the same thing. “You are so calm”, they told me, “even when things get stressful.”

Now that wasn’t because I didn’t get affected by stress. I absolutely did. And it wasn’t because I experienced myself as calm or soothing. I actually didn’t.

And yet, apparently, without me trying (and often while I was trying to do something else), this calming, soothing energy somehow expressed itself, almost in spite of.

This is about you

Because you, my friend, are, most probably, in a similar situation. We all are. We are trying to say the right things. We are trying to do the right thing. We are trying to create the right relationships. We are trying to do the right work. And it is all good!

But underneath all that trying, with us hardly realizing it, something else is going on. Our light is shining through. It’s something so natural, so inherent to us that we’re not even aware of it.

Because, let’s face it, we want to be acknowledged for the things that we know, and say, and do. We’re working hard on those things. We’re trying to achieve something. Create something

What if our potential is not just where we think it is?

But what if, asides of those things (which we by all means must and will continue doing)… What if our potential is also in the things that we don’t say, and don’t know, and don’t do? What if it’s in the sound of our voice, or in the look of our eyes, or in the touch of our hands, or just in our sheer presence? What if that’s what it will take to make the changes we want to see in this world?

Do you have any such experiences yourself? Either in your role as giver or receiver? Share them in the comments below!