Do those “best ways to live” bring you joy?

It strikes me how we tend to speak of “best ways to live”, rules, habits, rituals, tools, approaches etc as something absolute.

It’s not. To use an example, a beginning musician, an intermediate student, an advanced student of music (or mathematics, or cooking), don’t practice in the same ways.

Byron Katie says it this way: “The reason why I love rules and plans and religions is that people feel safe in them for a while. And, personally, I don’t have any rules. I don’t need them.”

Some people meditate 5 hours every day, always at the same time. Some people live moment to moment and they live in the most awakened of ways. Most of us live somewhere in between.

So the art of it is to create habits or use tools in a conscious sort of way.

When you learn about a new habit, or a new tool or approach ask yourself this question:

“Am I drawn to this approach at all? Does it resonate within me?”

If you are, then the next question could be:

“Is it because it truly supports me in my particular life, on my particular path, at this particular stage of my journey? Or is it  just because it helps me cope with my fear of having a bad day and my fear of having a bad life?” 

I see tremendously succesful people share and sell the ways they live, the habits and rituals that work for them. And it seems like the right thing. I see how full of energy and fire they are, and how efficiently they live.

But then, with some of them, even some of the most world famous ones, they don’t appear very happy, or very awake (in a deeper sense of the word) for that matter. How come?

What’s right for them is not necessarily right for me, or for you. It depends.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have some habits and rituals too.  But I don’t do them to prevent a bad day from happening.

Even if I, like everyone else, don’t quite enjoy those less than great days, I know from experience that these days always have a gift for me, a gift of transformation, release, growth. There is absolutely no reason to avoid them.

The habits I do have is because  they feel like the most fulfilling, present way of living at this particular moment in time. I love doing them, I enjoy having these spaces in my day. I don’t want to miss them.

I’m not married to my habits. I’m married to my soul.

Just to give you a more specific example:

Those masters of efficiency say that you should study and learn something new at least 1 hour every day. Science confirms it. It’s the right thing to do, they say. But is it true for you? And if so, how is it true?

Let me share with you how my studying habits have been changing throughout my life.

When I was young, I studied all the time. I read a lot of personal growth books, spiritual books. I was fascinated by it. It was all new to me. I wanted to learn.

And then the day came when it was time to throw it all away and find my own truth and my own learning.

Nowadays, I may still check out a book of that type from time to time, but, with a few significant exceptions, I almost always end up just skimming it.

Right now, there are 2 books that I read almost every day. Just a page or two from each of them. One is the book I mentioned before, A Thousand Names For Joy.

The other is a book that isn’t published yet as such, but is available as a study group, namely The Lightworker Manual.

I’ve read these two (very different) works maybe 4,5,6 times before. I don’t remember anymore, and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I study in a very different way now. And the transformations that happen are deeper.

It is not an intellectual learning. It is not an emotional learning. It is not a learning at all. It is an exploration. It is using a book or a text as a way to explore the depth of my being and to grow and expand from there.

That said, what I do may or may not be what you need. What I’m trying to say is that it is all very relative. It all depends on who you are and where you and what your life is all about.

Don’t let any authority, myself included 😉 , tell you how to live your life.

See what resonates with you. See what’s possible for you. And remember that no matter how it may look on the surface of it, your life is governed by a greater wisdom than we, as humans, can ever know.

From that higher perspective there is no such thing as a wasted day, and there is no such thing as a wasted life. Those who speak of waste this way speak from fear, or from with the illusion, the matrix, the human game if you will.

On the other hand, joy, my friend, true joy is real. It is the reality of who you truly are. It flows from the very source of your being. So if you need a way to find out whether a habit, a ritual, a tool serves you ask this question as well:

Does it make you more joyful?

If you feel confused and want to spend an hour with me exploring what steps might be right for you on your way to Joy and fulfillment, reach out to me here.

Talking About Loneliness And Joy

Have you ever felt lonely and felt too ashamed to talk about it? Well, that’s exactly what we were talking about the other day on “Living the Juicy Life” with Dr. Jill Stocker” 

Here are links to the resources we mentioned along the way:

Global Joy Meditation with Dr Andrea Pennington 

The Finding Joy free book 

The Real Self Love Movement

Would you like to find out  how you can turn loneliness to Joy in your life as well? I’m here to help! 

Spiritual information overload

Are you experiencing spiritual information overload? If so, you’re not alone! There is so much going on with us and around us, and I meet many spiritual seekers, Lightworkers and Joy Keepers feeling overwhelmed, even if for the best of reasons. What to do about it? Here’s a short 7 min video that I hope will inspire you

Be mindful of your needs and in that way wisely selective. Give yourself the spiritual, mental, emotional and energetical nourishment that you need.

When you accept inspiration/information, absorb it with your entire energy system, not just your mind. That will keep the energy flowing rather than depleting or overwhelming you. 

Similarly, as a teacher, be sure to make your teaching a holistic experience, and not just information transfer. At the end of the day it’s that energetic experience that opens for the transformation that the world needs now.

And of course, there are many cases, where there is much more to it. Where spiritual seekers struggle with overwhelm and stress. If that’s you, I can help you regain clarity and find your way. Schedule a Light & Joy Discovery Session here.

Receiving and giving – the magic and the lessons

How receptive are you? How do you feel about receiving – gifts, money, people, life?

Most of us find it easier to give than to receive. As noble as it may sound, it is actually an imbalance, and it stands in the way of the free flow of energy and love.

This is important and I too am in the midst of another round of learning to receive more. This time it’s about receiving more while working and giving with less effort, with joy rather than with hardship.

It is a beautiful process to move through. And truly magical at times. So let me share with you one such magical story. Not just because it happened, but also because…

Magic happens everywhere and all the time.

It’s just that we don’t notice it and don’t appreciate it. By the way, noticing and appreciating, that’s receptivity too… 🙂

This particular magic was triggered by something that was so small that I hardly noticed it myself. But there was more to it. It had, in Eva Andrea  Ditlefsen’s words,  “a feel to it, of a loving intelligence, guiding it all”. I invite you to read Eva Andrea’s version of this story, titled “Put your hand on your beautiful heart

From my perspective, it was nothing special. I just followed a hunch and connected two people who seemed like such an obvious reflection of each other. All it took was an effortless mention in a few words on Facebook, nothing more.

But again, in this adventure that we call life, one tiny drop of water can create much bigger ripples. Paul Luftenegger speaks about it so sweetly in his sharing here.

There were plenty of ripples…There was the deep meeting of a soul family. There was the gift of Paul’s presence at the event in Spain, and all the hearts he touched with his songs. And then more hearts as the videos from the event were being shared. And from there more hearts that will be touched through his life-changing music.

And there were the many gifts given to me personally through the generosity of Steinar Ditlefsen (one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever met by the way), Eva Andrea and Paul. And last but not least there were…

The lessons – the gifts of insight

It amazes me how precisely these gifts supported my present journey. Perhaps they will support yours too…

What I learned about  value

During the event my experience was that I was being literally overflowed with gifts. To the degree that it became a bit difficult to receive at some point.

How was I to receive so much, when I had given so little?

It took me a while to understand, that I was viewing what came through me as insignificant because it didn’t take any effort or time and was just the most natural thing in the world to do.

Wow. What a huge misunderstanding, to appreciate the outer form of it rather than the actual value of it!

This is so important. And it is especially important in the context of our work as transformational teachers, coaches, healers, lightworkers, or doing any other work that we are called to do.

Because the outer form of our contribution may appear insignificant. Perhaps we’re just spending one hour with another human being. And it’s probably the easiest thing for us to do. It’s effortless. We’re just in the flow. We’re just listening, saying a few things here and there, the right things.

But the value of it is not in the time and in the verbal exchange. The true value of it is in creating a transformation that changes someone’s life.

What I learned about giving and receiving

As I was being overflowed with gifts, at some point I encountered the limit to my receptivity. It became difficult to receive more.

Fortunately, I was very aware of the process, and opened to it. And as I did, it opened itself to me. In that opening I could finally realize, that the giving and the receiving is one. The giver and the receiver is one. We are in the same one field, like petals of the same flowers, or branches of the same tree.

There is no giving and no receiving. There is only the flow.

Life is not even about giving and receiving – even if in a way it is 🙂 . Life is about allowing.

Allow the giving to happen through you and those around you.

Allow the receiving to happen through you and those around you.

Allow the sharing to happen through us.

It’s the most natural thing in the world. We knew how to do it from the day we were born, and we still do. We just need to be reminded. So I’m reminding you now, just like these beautiful souls, Eva, Steinar, and Paul reminded me of it, as well as others that I met during the event, and before and after. Too many to mention here, but you know who you are are…

If you follow any gift in your life, and what preceded it, it will eventually take you to the day you were born.

You are the gift.

We are the gift and our life is an endless stream of gifts, a magically scripted adventure. Always, always, always happening for us, and with us.

Us living it together, us giving and receiving together. Us sharing. Always. No matter how it looks.

So let love flow.  Let the magic continues. This is only the beginning.


Final words: 😉 What is the true, lasting value of what you are giving, through your work and life? I invite you to spend some time pondering it.

In this changing world, what is our purpose?

I’m having a sense that something is changing, with the people I know, and with the world. It’s subtle.  It’s the way things are getting slightly more disorganized, slightly more unpredictable.

And it’s also the way it concerns me. Because these are my people, this is my world.

But then, this is also my mirror. What is this mirror showing me?

It’s showing me clinging to predictability. Yes, at a time where living without a safety net is still fairly new to me, this is a natural reaction. Even if any safety net is an illusion, letting go of it, as I have, has an effect.

What can I count on now?

I know I can count on what is here and now. I can count on the life that sustains me, and will sustain me for as long as my journey lasts. As it will sustain the people I care about, and the world that is ours.

Meanwhile, change is happening. The waves on the sea that we’re sailing are getting higher, even if in subtle ways.

Learning to live with what is, requires me to change. Learning to let others do what they must do, predictable or not, requires me to change.

My old habit of trying to come to rescue has become inadequate. There is no one that needs to be rescued, there is nothing that needs to be fixed.

Even if it doesn’t look like it, all is well, or will be.

And yet, there is something for us to do, most definitely so.

It’s our purpose, our dharma, our service in the world.

In this world and with the people I get to meet, on this rocking boat that we sail, I can help keep the balance. I can help maintain the peace. I can keep the light shining, and the joy.

This is what I’m here for, I believe. And this is what I open to create wherever I go. In this world and with the people I get to meet.

What do you believe? What is your purpose? Do you know?

And if you know, how do you live it, in this world and with the people you get to meet?

What challenges you? What support do you need? And how can I help you balance your boat and follow your flow?

Come and tell me here.

On silence, joy and surrender

In March 2018 I encountered quite a challenge. Even as I encountered it, and acknowledged that I needed to do something about it, I somehow did not feel drawn towards any external sources of support. Neither talking with someone, reading books, finding solutions online, applying any of the many tools I’m familiar with seemed of any relevance. It was as if all I wanted was to be still. As if my entire being was leaning towards a silent space, longing for it.

I had certain obligations though, so I couldn’t just stop everything and go into silence. I had to wait until the beginning of the Easter, where I already had reserved some time for a silent retreat.

Not that I celebrate Easter by the way. But I knew from previous years how deep transformations often do take place around Easter. The time prior to it often having a sense of heavy darkness to it and then things opening up at the end or after Easter… Have you noticed that too?

Anyhow, the retreat turned out to be very different than what I expected! Not that I expected much. All I wanted was a time of nurturing silence, of deep rest. I did not expect any new insights or messages from within. I didn’t expect any problems with staying silent either, because I already lived a very secluded life.

Unexpectedly and without me planning it this way, the 3 days retreat unfolded like a journey, with all the elements that we see when a profound transformation takes place.

There was the confrontation with what stands in my way, the roadblock.

There was the invitation to make a different choice than what I would naturally be inclined to, to unfold something in me that I’d rather not.

There was the reluctance, but then surrender, and eventually a dedication to change.

There was a time of transition when all this was somehow interacting and heating up.

There was the transformation itself, one that we cannot plan for, but which happens through divine interference, like turning led to gold

There was the sense of bringing it all home, of coming home as a changed person.

There was – and is – the post-transformational journeythe integration of the gift, willing and learning to live in alignment with what I dedicated myself to during the process.

I have a sense that the reason why it unfolded so beautifully and on its own had something to do with all the inner work I’ve done previously, alone and with others (for 40+ years). I’m making a point out of it, because for most people, to create a balanced transformational experience I would not recommend going for a deep silent retreat like this alone. Instead, do it with someone more experienced by your side, someone that can support you and guide you each step of the way, someone who knows when to take a break, when to continue and how to deal with the confusion and the pain that the process may bring to the surface. Unless you have the kind of experience it takes, please find someone that can guide you through the process. If you’d like me to be your guide through such a process,  request a Light & Joy Discovery Session and we’ll take it from there.

As for the more general insights that I gained through that journey, one of the things that I became more aware of was the subtle way in which I appear silent but am not fully silent after all. Even if it doesn’t feel like I’m thinking, and it all seems quite silent, underneath what we thought was silence there is sometimes a very discrete chatter, like whisper. And the art of it then is to notice this too, and let it be, and let yourself dive even deeper into silence.

And of course, it’s Okay no matter what you experience. Thoughts are allowed, and what are you going to do with them anyway, other than notice they’re there?

Actually, we can do and be more than just noticing. We can practice being truly present, with chatter as much as with anything else. Deep presence is more than noticing, more than observing, more than witnessing. Deep presence is a loving presence. It is observing and noticing with loving care, with compassion.

I don’t know why it’s called mindfulness, when it should be called heartfulness.

The inner shift from mindfulness to heartfulness is so subtle… there is no sudden change in the energy flow, nothing seems to move differently. Yet the effect is as dramatical as in drawing the curtains in a dark room and letting the sunlight in.

To me, this is the intention, in meditation and in life, for it to be heartfulness, not just mindfulness. It feels so much better, so much more connected and whole. So much more awake. And isn’t that what we all want?

It’s not always easy though… Yet surrendering to the not-easy path can bring such gifts…

By the way, I consider making surrender (what it means, how it happens, why it is important) one of the first topics that will be addressed in the Joy Of Purpose Support Group!

Going back to chatter… It reminds me of another form of very disturbing chatter, one that goes back to the mid-90s. At the time, I moved back to Copenhagen to take care of my mother who was dying of liver cancer (and of old age). At that point she was still able to lead a fairly normal life, she was still in her home. That said, her life had become but a pale shadow of what it used to be. Now it was all about the smallest practicalities, talking about illness, body functions, meals, back and forth, over and over. It felt like it would never stop.

I’ve always had difficulties listening to my very talkative mother (that’s the disadvantage of having a highly developed hearing abilities…😊). As her life was coming to an end, hearing her talk about the same details all day long wasn’t a difficulty anymore. It was unbearable. And, there was no way for me to stop it or get away from it. I was the only one there, I couldn’t leave her. My ears were hurting, there was a sharp physical pain inside both ears, and I couldn’t do anything about it.

So I thought until I discovered that there was something I could do after all. I could surrender. Rather than focusing on my hurting ears, I somehow found a way to endure the sound and to focus on love and on my mother instead. In doing so, in being fully and lovingly present rather than trying to escape, I found peace. In the midst of noise I found silence and love.

It’s the same gift that I found during my silent retreat, even if on a very different level and in a far, far more expansive way. And this time it wasn’t just the gift of peace. It was – and is – the gift of of a different way to be with and to receive life.

A presence, a oneness with all there is, where we all connect, underneath our talkative minds and mouths, our many actions, ideas, plans, feelings… The silent space though which it all unfolds, always has, always will.

There’s so much hope there, for us. Such mild sense of joy.

Are you too ready to go deeper into joy, purpose, surrender? 
Here’s how I can support you.


This excerpt of the forthcoming book, Awakening to Joyful Living is published here with permission, all rights reserved.

Joy against guns?

Click the above for more images from the March For Our Lives at

Yesterday, 800,000+ people were demonstrating for more gun control.  What a deeply touching and amazing experience to witness… What a beautiful generation is growing up and making their voices and hearts heard…


And, there was also a sense of unease, in me, even if not very clear.

This night, I dreamed I visited a school and spoke with the leaders there, explaining how wonderful it would to be to add transformational teaching there. How quickly our world would change if we did that!

But the school leaders were skeptical. They said that schools are supposed to teach information, not transformation.


It was a good dream to dream. It made me ask some deep and unsettling questions:

What can I do? 

What can we do?

Of course, the answers are not easy, and they will keep evolving, but just for now, just to begin somewhere…

Perhaps the first step is to acknowledge what seems obvious yet needs to be said again and again.

Violence does not start in the moment someone buys a gun. Getting a gun is one of the last steps on a very long journey.

Yes, immediate action needs to be taken to prevent that step and the worst possible from happening. But asides of that, we need to get to the core issue.

All violence in the world is preceded by pain. And all pain in the world is also a pain within me and you.

Yes, we are One, in this too.

Here then, are some essential questions for each of us to ponder:

Who am I?

What am I?

What is my pain?

How can I heal the pain within me?

And then, as we open to answers and while we do the inner work that the answers must lead to, there are more questions:

How can I share transformation and not just information?

How can I help others understand that it all begins and ends with themselves? How can I help them heal their pain?

How can I make that understanding available to more people?

What steps can I take? What steps will I take?

I for one don’t have all the answers. This is all work in progress, for me like for all of us. Yet this is where it all needs to go. To a  place where we can not only imagine but actually experience a world where guns are of no interest.

“What if they gave a war and nobody came?”. What if guns were accessible for all and no one wanted them?

In case, you’re wondering what joy’s got to do with it… It has everything to do with it. Because there is no lack of joy in the world or in our lives. That is not the challenge.

The challenge is in everything that comes in the way of joy and awareness.

As Joy Keepers, addressing everything that comes in the way of joy is our challenge too.

As Lightworkers, it is our calling to be part of the global transformation, not just share information. No matter how enlightened the information appears. How do we do that?

HOW will we BE the peace, the light, the joy that we want to see in this world? That is the  open question.

The Source Of Abundance Is The Source Of Love

A few days ago a colleague/friend and I talked about the journey into unconditional love and how opening to the source of love within transformed and keeps transforming our relationships with ourselves and with others.

From there somehow the conversation took us into the topic of unconditional abundance, and us having a sense that opening to the source of abundance can and will transform our relationships – with ourselves and others – in similar liberating ways.

It started with loneliness

There was a time when I believed and experienced that I had very limited access to love. Like so many others I was convinced that the only way love could come to me was from and through other people. And, at the time, there wasn’t much of anything coming to me.

I felt very lonely back then. I missed feeling loved. I missed smiles, hugs, and the sense of being cared about and supported.

It was the pain of loneliness, and the way it could not be fixed by someone else, that eventually forced me to go deep and reconnect with the source of love within. As I did, my life changed completely, as did my relationships with other people.

What I discovered is that love must come from within, first and foremost, and that I am not in any way dependent on others for love.

At the same time, and that is the miraculous beauty of it, as I opened to the love within, and to loving myself, I immediately started attracting love, affection and support from others, in ways I have never experienced before.

So the journey was from yearning for smiles, hugs, intimacy and support to feeling happy and fulfilled by the sheer love flowing from within. But then also experiencing that love, smiles, hugs, intimacy and support come my way naturally as needed and as a reflection and an expression of the love within.

There is no doubt that opening to the inner source of unconditional love transforms everything, in the outer life as well.

What’s money got to do with it?

As my colleague and I explored it in our conversation, we both felt that money truly does have something to do with it. That there is something about our relationship with the financial flow that we can learn from our journey into unconditional love.

I have been pondering it quite a bit since that conversation, and my sense that there really is a connection there only got stronger and clearer.

I believe that as we connect deeper with the source of unconditional abundance within, it can and will transform any experience of limitation (i.e. of not having enough money or any other resources and support) into an experience of fulfillment and abundance.

As I see it now, it is a similar transformation as the one I experienced with love, even if not an identical one. So let’s take a closer look at what we might be able to learn here.

There is a direct parallel between the outer expression and the inner reality.

Underlying the yearning for concrete expressions of love there is always a yearning for love itself. It is love itself that sustains us, not the loving hugs.

Similarly, underlying the yearning for concrete expressions of abundance (money, things, opportunities), there is always a yearning for feeling that abundance itself. It is the abundance itself that sustains us, not money as such.

There is very little understanding of the above in our culture. Our culture is fearfully obsessed by the material expression of  wealth and abundance, counting the money, working for the money, constantly thinking about money, as if money really was making the world go round.

We are part of that culture, we are deeply affected by it, but then more and more of us are on our way to transcending it.

We are discovering that the opportunity we have is to re-connect with the inner source of abundance that really does make the world go round, and to experience whatever level of material wealth is right for us based on an abundance awareness.

Return to the knowing and feeling of the inner abundance

The first and the most important step here is to find, to connect, to return to the knowing and feeling of the inner abundance. To keep on exploring and strengthening that connection, until we understand with every fiber of our body that this is what truly sustains us, and this is what brings everything into existence for us.

And in doing so also to understand that money is not a thing, and it’s not a limited resource. Rather, it is an expression and a manifestation of the infinite abundance within.

Money is transformational

There is also another aspect of money. As I see it, money (along with relationships) is one of the most powerful ways in which transformational challenges are being brought into our human adventure. In that way financial challenges support our journey and our growth.

Now, even if we may realize the true nature of money and abundance in our more awakened moments, much of the time we tend to stay in the trance we’re in and see money as means of exchange and a limited resource, nothing more.

That is Okay. It is part of the awakening journey to keep falling asleep and then try to wake up again, and again.


So this is what we are doing here, now. Realizing that we keep falling asleep, and also exploring ways to awaken, to become more conscious – and with that more free and more joyful.

Because this is what our naked hearts are longing for – to give freely, to receive freely, and not to let anything come in the way of our infinitely abundantly flow.

So how can we liberate ourselves, how can we awaken to our abundant reality?

The inner work

There are, essentially, two aspects to the inner work that we are called to.

The first, most fundamental one, is to cultivate the deeper connection with the abundance energy as such. To feel it within. To know that it is here for us forever, and that everything that is here is here for us.

The second aspect is to acknowledge how abundance expresses itself in your world.

Just like the energy of love can express itself in our life in specific ways, including physical, similarly, the abundance energy can express itself in our life in specific ways, including in the form of money.

For some of us, it is very important to acknowledge and to relate to that aspect of abundance as well. To manifest money consciously, to work with diligently. It is such an important part of the human adventure.

And so while there isn’t particularly helpful to worry about money, to fear that there isn’t enough of it or to feel dependent on it, it is important to grow our ability to receive and to give money.

Just like we consciously expand our willingness to let love flow through us, and to express love, it is important to consciously expand our willingness to let abundance flow through us, and to express abundance. And that includes giving and receiving money. Consciously and abundantly.

Just like freeing ourselves from a false dependence on external love doesn’t mean neglecting love’s concrete expressions between people… in a similar way, freeing ourselves from a false dependence on external wealth doesn’t mean neglecting the concrete expressions of wealth between people. On the contrary.

It means embracing those concrete expressions with a more expanded consciousness of the infinite nature of abundance. It means being open to receive and to give money. It means allowing money to be what it truly is rather than what our culture makes it.

It absolutely is possible, even if not necessarily easy, to develop a more conscious relationship with money and to actually experience it as the infinite abundance materializing as physical or digital money, with concrete numbers attached to it.

In this process it is the numbers that are particularly challenging for most of us.

How can we deal with numbers and price tags?

Let’s see what we can learn from a concrete expression of love, such as a hug. It is not the form or the strength of the hug that defines the love flowing through it. Love itself is infinite.

Similarly, we can open to the understanding that given its infinite nature, abundance cannot be measured or counted. Whether the amount of money is big or small, it represents the same infinite abundance, manifesting from within.

On the other hand, the numbers are still part of our reality, and within the money game that we all participate in (paying bills, buying things etc.), numbers do make a difference. We cannot disregard that – and we don’t have to.

We can respect and participate in any monetary transaction, and we can learn to do it consciously. We are not bound by the idea of strict exchange in the way it is custom in our culture.

Let us, once again, see what we can learn in this regard from our experience of love and joy.

When we share our love and joy with each other, when it happens genuinely, directly from our open heart, we do it abundantly and without holding back. We don’t measure our smiles, hugs or any other expressions of it. It’s an expression that can vary in strength depending on how open we are and how open the recipient is, but hopefully it is not a matter of “something for something”.

So how can that translate into money paying for things, paying bills, and receiving payments as well?

It’s all about awareness, all about consciousness.

We are free to give money with the deep knowing that it is simply a symbolic expression of a loving, infinite abundance, regardless of the numbers involved. We are free to receive money in the same spirit.

And  we can also acknowledge that if and when we experience less money than we would like to have at our immediate disposal, there are good reasons why infinite abundance aka life creates that experience for us.

This is important. The limiting experiences too are created for us. They are opportunities. They support us in confronting and addressing any energetical block any limiting beliefs we may have about money, about safety, about relationships, about work and whatever else may be relevant for us. They help us expand into a more conscious and more joyful way of living.

As for receiving money, it is up to us to remember and to expect that money given to us, for whatever reason, is given from a source that is abundantly flowing. It is not a sacrifice, it does not result in someone else having less,  just like a hug is not depleting the giver from some limited “hug inventory”.

Even if we cannot immediately affect how others feel about transferring their money to us, we can still strive to maintain that higher vibration and that higher understanding of what is really going on. And what is really going on, while someone transfers their money to someone else’s bank account is this:

Both the sending and the receiving bank accounts are perfect illusions in this matrix, this dream world, this adventure. Both accounts are created out of the infinite abundance of a universe that creates that particular holographic experience for a reason. And it’s not that there is a shortage of manifesting ability in the universe. This really is something to remember even as we live  in that manifested dream world.

Inviting others into the awakening journey

Besides practicing that awareness, there are also situations where we can affect the “exchange” a little bit more. For example, in my relationships with coaching clients and students, I intend to help them – just like I help myself – to tune in to that abundance before they transfer money to me, and then transfer it with that joyous abundant feeling, knowing that there is more than enough for all of us (and that is an understatement).

There are some other practical solutions that I’ll be offering clients as well, but the essence of it is to mutually recognize the abundance that is ours, including an abundance of love, wisdom, joy and money. And then support each other in expressing from there, within our possibilities and without holding back out of fear.

Practicing it

I have applied and coached quite successfully a similar approach in the past (the Busting Loose  model) and I am doing it again although in different ways that I resonate with more now.

Even if manifestation can be experienced quite immediately, this is deep work and not something that happens overnight. I so enjoy it and I hope you will too. Here is the essence of it:

  • Listen to your inner guidance
  • Acknowledge and tune in to your abundance at all times. Feel its infinite energy, flowing through you and expressing itself as wealth, as money, as things, as services, as opportunities, as connections. This is really important, so work with that as much as you can.
  • Acknowledge that limitation is transformational – it is but an invitation to address anything that it may trigger, and sometimes also just a way to get you on a specific path. Accept the invitation and do the work required.
  • When giving, whether it is love, things or money, do it from the place in you that rejoices in giving, and doesn’t stop itself beyond the practical limitations mentioned above
  • When receiving, whether it is love, things or money, do it from the place in you that knows that the one giving to you rejoices in giving, and doesn’t have to hold back beyond the limitations mentioned above

Joyful living

There is so much joy in knowing that whatever life brings us (and also when it doesn’t), happens for us, not to us.

There is so much joy in seeing the abundance that is manifested wherever we look, and to see it manifest itself as we follow our guidance and our heart’s desire.

There is infinite abundance. There is infinite love. There is infinite joy. This is our true reality.

Ready to dive deeper into joyful living?



This excerpt of the forthcoming book, “Awakening to Joyful Living”, is published here with permission. All Rights Reserved Halina Goldstein