What stands in the way of love? (19)

We are born as an expression of pure Love. It’s very simple. But then we develop this very complicated relationship with love…

Just to give you an impression, below are some of the states/experiences that come in the way of our love.  I get much more personal and there’s more to learn as well in the video though. So don’t  settle for the few words below. 😉


Shame makes us distance ourselves from our love and our heart. Guilt and shame can be of things we have experienced or done and judge. And, shame can leads us back to our naked, innocent heart:


Makes us push against and reject – it’s a very different energy than love’s natural receptivity. It’s a natural reaction to the ways we have been held back. And, anger can become love’s ally and the power that enables that naked heart to express itself in the world fearlessly. But first we have to deal with…


Fear has so many faces, expressions and reasons… fear of losing control, fear of having no boundaries, fear of being judged for loving the wrong people (including the very wrong people indeed). And, if you go deep enough into the energy of fear, it will take you directly to joy and love.

But how do we remove those blocks?

There are many ways, and the one that has worked best for me is the SEE Approach. I share the basics of it in the video, and we go deeper with it when we work individually or in groups. To explore current options for you to open more to the love that you are, explore Lightworker offers here

Journey of a Lightworker – can you relate?

journey of a lightworkerI was asked to write about my life as a journey of a Lightworker. What an assignment… how do you compress your life into one page? And where do you start?

The answer came the other day. I had a beautifully easy and yet deeply transformative experience, working with my go-to coach, Frances. Lately, our conversations have evolved around confidence, as at this stage of my version of the journey of a Lightworker committing to a very big project, there is an urgent need to address anything that might come into the way of the work.

Anyhow, as our conversation was coming to a happy end, I felt such an immense sense of gratitude, not only for this particular process, but for my entire life… Who would have thought it would turn out this way?

It has not been the easiest journey a human can experience, to say the least. That’s true for most Lightworkers, I believe.

I have a sense (and my mother has confirmed it in a way) that my first months on Earth were lived in pure bliss – a constant state of love overflowing my heart and my world from within. It didn’t last long. Instead, life started to happen, the way it does and must.

I was blessed with loving and highly idealistic parents. And also parents that were deeply traumatized by experiences that they shared with so many other Jews during and also after world war II. They and with them our small family and I lived in a space of unresolved fear and grief and, as a result, some dysfunctional behavior. Being the sensitive soul that I was, in spite of my natural tendency towards joy and love, it affected me deeply.

Since I was a little girl, wherever there was suffering and injustice, I reacted, strongly. With sorrow or with anger, and sometimes both. I couldn’t not react. Can you relate?

It didn’t make things any easier when we moved to another country (when I was 7 and 16 respectively). It meant losing everything: friends, language, identity, a sense of belonging and eventually my naturally joyful and trusting personality.

And so, even if I embarked on a personal and spiritual growth journey early (at age 18), and even if that was a tremendous help in many ways, even if I did have some friends and some lovers along the way, and even if I had my creativity, my spiritual practice and work, waves of utmost loneliness have been part of my life until my early 40s.

At that point – after yet another instance of broken heart and during yet another wave of deep despair– it finally dawned on me:

My life apparently wasn’t going to bring me the love that my heart yearned for. And since I couldn’t live without love (who can?), there was only one thing for me to do – to love myself instead. In mid-90s this was quite a lonely discovery, actually. The internet was still very new (I did not even have a computer) and the self-love awareness that we have today was nowhere to be seen.

Lonely as it may have been, the realization changed my life forever. As I somehow learned to find love within and eventually and literally fell in love with myself, everything in my life transformed.

Within a few months I met a soul-mate, my creative and spiritual work began to unfold in new ways entirely, and I found myself living with a sense of joy and fulfillment that I didn’t even know was possible.

By then my  role as coach/teacher/healer started has been unfolding for 10 years or so, but now many more people started to reach out to me for help and advice – typically people that have been on a spiritual journey for a while and felt lost and stuck nevertheless.

That said, I neither called nor saw myself as a Lightworker. When I encountered the term first time, many years ago, it seemed like something overly esoteric,  and I couldn’t relate to it at all. As engaged as I am in spirituality, I’m also a very down to Earth person in a sense. I resonate with grounded, loving, joyful clarity. Complex esoteric theories – not so much.

It is the irony and sweetness of life that it will take us where we need to be, whether we may think we resonate or not. And so the day came (or rather weeks and months) when I was taken on yet another deep journey and was given a process and teaching that I ended up calling… the Lightworker Manual. Fortunately, by then I had grown a different relationship or awareness of what a Lightworker is and what we’re here for.

And that brings me to an important question:

How can I support you on your journey of a Lightworker – and your journey as such?

The answer to that question is work in progress, in the most literal sense. Or maybe works in progress, as there are more than one ways. Take a look below, and see what speaks to you.

A moment in a Lightworker’s life

Mind at peace.
Eyes watching hands
Hand holding knife
Knife cutting carrots
Love seeing itself in the carrot, the knife, the hand, the eyes, the mind
Love overflowing this and all there is
While my human body
Skillfully creates the simplest of meals
Love soup

Later, mind comes back
With the simplest of wishes:
This Love beingness
Earth tomorrow

From the dark night of the soul to a Lightworker job

Many years ago, I came to a place on my spiritual  journey that you could call the dark night of the soul. Even if it was me buried in darkness, not my soul at all. 🙂

It wasn’t depression, it wasn’t loneliness, it wasn’t despair or anything like that. It was an experience of being in darkness without a light, without a compass, without any sense of direction whatsoever.

You could call it disillusionment of a kind, a need to ditch absolutely everything I ever learned about the true nature of things. And then to find the real thing.

No spiritual dogma, belief, theory, practice could be trusted. My spiritual foundation (and with that the very meaning of my life) had fallen apart, had dissolved.

The only thing I was certain about was that there was nothing and no one in the outside world that could help me find my way again. Not even the most enlightened teachers or books could show me the truth. How would I even know if it was true or not?

And truth was what I needed. Truth as such, the truth that you can depend on and base your life on, no matter what.

In short, I was desperate for light and there was none to be found. And so all I could do was surrender to darkness.

As I did, and without expecting anything at all, at some point (was it hours? days? I don’t recall), I had a sudden glimpse of deep in-sight. An almost wordless glimpse of light, you could say. And then another glimpse, and another.

These glimpses were born from such a deep place and were so fragile at the same time, that I wasn’t quite sure whether I have finally found my inner, living truth or whether I was just making it all up.

Maybe it was that fear of losing my sanity that made me reach out for a book after all. It was “A Thousand Names for Joy” by Byron Katie.

At that point I was familiar with The Work (which never quite worked for me, and still doesn’t),  but this book was different.  Reading small bits and pieces there I found – and what a strange experience that was – the exact words for the truth that I had just experienced within.

If I was going insane then at least there were two of us. And there was nothing about Byron Katie that seemed insane.

She didn’t teach me anything and I know she didn’t attempt to either. But her words gave me some sort of reassurance, and just enough courage to stick to the truth that I had found within and to build on that. This truth of mine has been my solid, evolving foundation ever since. I share it gladly. I know I can trust it.

Now, I’m not like Byron Katie at all. I’m like most of us extraordinary ordinary humans. I have my share of limitations, insecurities, imbalances, forgetfulness… you name it and I can find it in me for sure. I imagine that this is quite true for you too.  🙂

But that doesn’t change the fact that truth and joy and love and light flow through us and want to be expressed and shared as fully as we will let them!

That’s all there is to our “job” as Lightworkers. To be who we are, to be a loving, living, joyful, imperfect reminder of our truth. 🙂

If you want to explore how I can support your unfoldment as your living truth, check out current Lightworker offers here.

Building a Field of Love

I needed to watch this wonderful, old movie again, “Field of Dreams” it’s called (28 years have passed since I’ve seen it the first time? Really?).  I needed to see what happened there, and how. Because it feels like I  and so many of us these days, are called to build in a similar way. Even if it’s a different field – a field of Love, or a field of Joy

It’s good to be reminded not only of how the human adventure (and this particular type of adventure even more so) is hardly ever a straight path to a well-defined destination. Like in the film, it’s but a distant voice (or your heart) calling, it’s a hint more than a manual (even if a manual may emerge further down the road).

And yet, vague as it may be, we follow the calling. How can we not follow it when it is so persistent and the need in the world is so evident…

Follow we do, and along the way we gain a little more clarity on what it is there we’re asked to build… And that’s when things begin to feel overwhelming! Because we’re asked to build something we have never created before, at a scale that we would never even consider.

“Why me”? we wonder. Why, among all the people in the world, should I be  the one to do this? Surely there are plenty of other people who are far more suited for something like this…

Perhaps because it’s a gift. This challenge, this quest might well be life’s most generous gift to us!

For what a gift it is, to get to work in this field of love, this field of creativity, this field of joy, this field of passion. To get to surrender to it, no matter how terrifying it may seem at times. To build it gladly, fiercely, passionately, with all our heart and all the strength that we can muster. To build it brick by brick…

And to say yes to the greatness of it and the greatness that has been living in us and has been hiding from us.

In this time of titanic challenges, environmental, social and political, the world needs us to come out of hiding and help the deep transformations that must happen, now!

Unbelievable as it may seem at times, this is what is unfolding, this is the calling, and this is the journey ahead. This is how we overcome fear and doubt, this is how we move through difficult transformations of our own and this is how we find ourselves at last, as we find each other, in new ways.

As we change the world changes, and it becomes a Field of Love.


JOYful living in challenging times (18)

What is Joy?

We use the word in many different ways. Here, in the Lightworker Manual it refers to the essential feeling of who we are. In other words, joy is the most natural feeling in the world.

And yet, natural it may be,  we spend much of our time not feeling it, and when we feel it, we don’t feel it fully. How come?

This (18th) presentation of the Lightworker Manual sheds some some light on that, and also proposes ways to bring more Joy into our lives. Listen in!

5 ways to bring more Joy into our lives

I explain more about each of the approaches & projects in the video, but wanted to share an overview with you here as well:

1. Shift your focus from problems to joy

We are problem-solution oriented or even fixated. In doing so, we not only limit our ability to resolve them, but also the Joy that is our birthright

2. Add Joy everywhere

Whatever you do – and even when you don’t do anything – add Joy to the experience. Open to the Joy that is within you already. And, allow yourself to be playful too!

3. Become a Joy Ambassador

Even if we all live in the land of heaviness aka the challenging human experience, we’re more than that. We all come from the same source as our Joy. Practice living as an ambassador of  Joy – connecting and engaging in life and also representing and with that reminding others of Joy as our home

4. Join the Lightworker Group Program

This is the program that will take you beyond the inspirations found in the Lightworker Manual and into a transformational group process where we support each other in embodying Joy (and much more).

5. Join the Joy Keepers Networks

If you’re a spiritual leader, coach, teacher or healer this network is for you!
It will help you bring and maintain more Joy into your own life as well as the life of others – potentially even humanity as a whole.

Share your experiences, insights and questions about Joy below!

Lightworkers Group Coaching Program

For a long time now I’ve had 2 lives, kind of. One life was all about providing spiritual inspiration and support (like in this blog).  In the other I supported and helped resolve issues not related to my spiritual work at all. It was an interesting journey which I appreciate, I learned a lot and met some exceptional people there.

Last week that journey finally came to its end, and after taking one beautiful day off for the transition I’ve been thrilled to be able to focus on my soul’s calling entirely since. And not just thrilled but on fire!

There’s so much I want to do and the time has come for it to be created and shared, with you and with the world. I will of course be sharing more along the way, but here’s the first of these upcoming creations:

The Lightworker Group Program

Shine your Light.
Amplify your impact.
Joyfully and effortlessly,
Change the world.

This program is the first program where you actually get to work with the Lightworker Manual.  It’s designed as a journey where you and a small group of people will work with the manual daily, turn it into practice and receive transformational coaching and practices along the way.


What a Lightworker can do about trouble, pain and worry

There is an art to approaching trouble and pain and worry.  And the art of it is to feel it fully – and then again not only (that’s why it’s an art!).

We need to feel it fully because we need to be fully with everything that we are. This is the way of self-healing and self-love. This is the way of healing and love as such. It never leaves you, it stays with you, it embraces all that you are.

And then again, in staying and loving and embracing and permeating whatever is there, love remains itself. Love does not become trouble,  pain or worry. Love remains love.

Let love be our teacher. Let it teach us the art of love.

Let us embrace and feel fully whatever is there. But then again, let us not lose ourselves in it. Let us also remain and feel the light and the joy that is the very essence of who we truly are.

Not just because it will feel better (and it will!) and certainly not because it’s the right thing to do (love couldn’t care less about right and wrong!) but because it will make a difference.

When we lose connection with light, with joy, with love, with who and what we truly are, our energy flow dies out. Our universe shrinks and gets heavy somehow.

It happens for us, and it also happens for others around us. Because we all live in the same dream.

But when someone in that dream – you and I – reconnects with light and with joy, and in this way reconnects with life itself, then the entire dream comes alive. Energy begins to flow again, changes can happen, creative changes, abundant changes. For ourselves, and for other people in the dream.

Let’s help each other and the world alive and flowing. Every day, let’s keep connecting and reconnecting with light and joy.

The Nature of Joy

It’s not this beach but a bit of this spaciousness, just lighter and more sunny. It didn’t occur to me to take a picture – I was too busy just experiencing it…

I went for a walk yesterday, in between 2 projects I was working on, and when I came down to the beach… oh my God!

Just the vast beach, the sea, the sun and me….(The tourists were gone . I love you tourists, but still…  ) 

I just had to lie down on the sand (which is not what you’d usually do here at this time of the year ) … The feeling of being carried by the Earth and caressed by the wind and sun…How blessed I felt…

And we can have the same feeling without the beach and the sea and the sun, just contemplating a tiny green leaf on a rainy day… When we open to what is here with that open sense of joy …and there is nothing but that, and gratitude…

It reminds me… Back when I was married almost every morning I would wake up with a feeling of joy and deep gratitude for the man by my side. Naturally, I ascribed the joy to him and our relationship.

But then the day came for our ways to part. 3 very unhappy weeks followed…

And then the morning came when I woke up to the same joy and gratitude as before! In spite of the divorce, the transition, the uncertain future (little did I know that my future would be as fulfilling as it is now).

That’s the true nature of joy (and gratitude). It’s here for no reason, it just flows through us. And when we let it flow like that,  it can touch other people too, gently, like a wind, reminding them of the Light that lives within them.

Shining light on the patterns that have been restraining us (17)

Have you noticed how a period of expansion is often followed by restriction?
It’s not because you’re going backwards – it’s because as more light shines through, the patterns that were hidden in the dark become visible. And, having experienced the expansion our gut reaction is often to just get rid of those (unnecessary, so it seems) restrictions. That’s what this chapter of the Lightworkers Manual is all about.


It takes a constant Light and openness to see those patterns, to understand them and to support a peaceful transformation. Ultimately that’s our job as Lightworkers in the world as well, to keep shining no matter what seems to happen in us, around us or out there. The mentorship process that is created around the Lightworker Manual will help those who are interested in growing that ability.

Another supportive resource that I just opened the door to is the Joy Keepers Network, a forum for spiritual leaders, coaches, teachers and healers where we can create ways to bring more Light and Joy together, and also inspire and support each other along the way.

Shine on! 🙂