The Source Of Abundance Is The Source Of Love

A few days ago a colleague/friend and I talked about the journey into unconditional love and how opening to the source of love within transformed and keeps transforming our relationships with ourselves and with others.

From there somehow the conversation took us into the topic of unconditional abundance, and us having a sense that opening to the source of abundance can and will transform our relationships – with ourselves and others – in similar liberating ways.

It started with loneliness

There was a time when I believed and experienced that I had very limited access to love. Like so many others I was convinced that the only way love could come to me was from and through other people. And, at the time, there wasn’t much of anything coming to me.

I felt very lonely back then. I missed feeling loved. I missed smiles, hugs, and the sense of being cared about and supported.

It was the pain of loneliness, and the way it could not be fixed by someone else, that eventually forced me to go deep and reconnect with the source of love within. As I did, my life changed completely, as did my relationships with other people.

What I discovered is that love must come from within, first and foremost, and that I am not in any way dependent on others for love.

At the same time, and that is the miraculous beauty of it, as I opened to the love within, and to loving myself, I immediately started attracting love, affection and support from others, in ways I have never experienced before.

So the journey was from yearning for smiles, hugs, intimacy and support to feeling happy and fulfilled by the sheer love flowing from within. But then also experiencing that love, smiles, hugs, intimacy and support come my way naturally as needed and as a reflection and an expression of the love within.

There is no doubt that opening to the inner source of unconditional love transforms everything, in the outer life as well.

What’s money got to do with it?

As my colleague and I explored it in our conversation, we both felt that money truly does have something to do with it. That there is something about our relationship with the financial flow that we can learn from our journey into unconditional love.

I have been pondering it quite a bit since that conversation, and my sense that there really is a connection there only got stronger and clearer.

I believe that as we connect deeper with the source of unconditional abundance within, it can and will transform any experience of limitation (i.e. of not having enough money or any other resources and support) into an experience of fulfillment and abundance.

As I see it now, it is a similar transformation as the one I experienced with love, even if not an identical one. So let’s take a closer look at what we might be able to learn here.

There is a direct parallel between the outer expression and the inner reality.

Underlying the yearning for concrete expressions of love there is always a yearning for love itself. It is love itself that sustains us, not the loving hugs.

Similarly, underlying the yearning for concrete expressions of abundance (money, things, opportunities), there is always a yearning for feeling that abundance itself. It is the abundance itself that sustains us, not money as such.

There is very little understanding of the above in our culture. Our culture is fearfully obsessed by the material expression of  wealth and abundance, counting the money, working for the money, constantly thinking about money, as if money really was making the world go round.

We are part of that culture, we are deeply affected by it, but then more and more of us are on our way to transcending it.

We are discovering that the opportunity we have is to re-connect with the inner source of abundance that really does make the world go round, and to experience whatever level of material wealth is right for us based on an abundance awareness.

Return to the knowing and feeling of the inner abundance

The first and the most important step here is to find, to connect, to return to the knowing and feeling of the inner abundance. To keep on exploring and strengthening that connection, until we understand with every fiber of our body that this is what truly sustains us, and this is what brings everything into existence for us.

And in doing so also to understand that money is not a thing, and it’s not a limited resource. Rather, it is an expression and a manifestation of the infinite abundance within.

Money is transformational

There is also another aspect of money. As I see it, money (along with relationships) is one of the most powerful ways in which transformational challenges are being brought into our human adventure. In that way financial challenges support our journey and our growth.

Now, even if we may realize the true nature of money and abundance in our more awakened moments, much of the time we tend to stay in the trance we’re in and see money as means of exchange and a limited resource, nothing more.

That is Okay. It is part of the awakening journey to keep falling asleep and then try to wake up again, and again.


So this is what we are doing here, now. Realizing that we keep falling asleep, and also exploring ways to awaken, to become more conscious – and with that more free and more joyful.

Because this is what our naked hearts are longing for – to give freely, to receive freely, and not to let anything come in the way of our infinitely abundantly flow.

So how can we liberate ourselves, how can we awaken to our abundant reality?

The inner work

There are, essentially, two aspects to the inner work that we are called to.

The first, most fundamental one, is to cultivate the deeper connection with the abundance energy as such. To feel it within. To know that it is here for us forever, and that everything that is here is here for us.

The second aspect is to acknowledge how abundance expresses itself in your world.

Just like the energy of love can express itself in our life in specific ways, including physical, similarly, the abundance energy can express itself in our life in specific ways, including in the form of money.

For some of us, it is very important to acknowledge and to relate to that aspect of abundance as well. To manifest money consciously, to work with diligently. It is such an important part of the human adventure.

And so while there isn’t particularly helpful to worry about money, to fear that there isn’t enough of it or to feel dependent on it, it is important to grow our ability to receive and to give money.

Just like we consciously expand our willingness to let love flow through us, and to express love, it is important to consciously expand our willingness to let abundance flow through us, and to express abundance. And that includes giving and receiving money. Consciously and abundantly.

Just like freeing ourselves from a false dependence on external love doesn’t mean neglecting love’s concrete expressions between people… in a similar way, freeing ourselves from a false dependence on external wealth doesn’t mean neglecting the concrete expressions of wealth between people. On the contrary.

It means embracing those concrete expressions with a more expanded consciousness of the infinite nature of abundance. It means being open to receive and to give money. It means allowing money to be what it truly is rather than what our culture makes it.

It absolutely is possible, even if not necessarily easy, to develop a more conscious relationship with money and to actually experience it as the infinite abundance materializing as physical or digital money, with concrete numbers attached to it.

In this process it is the numbers that are particularly challenging for most of us.

How can we deal with numbers and price tags?

Let’s see what we can learn from a concrete expression of love, such as a hug. It is not the form or the strength of the hug that defines the love flowing through it. Love itself is infinite.

Similarly, we can open to the understanding that given its infinite nature, abundance cannot be measured or counted. Whether the amount of money is big or small, it represents the same infinite abundance, manifesting from within.

On the other hand, the numbers are still part of our reality, and within the money game that we all participate in (paying bills, buying things etc.), numbers do make a difference. We cannot disregard that – and we don’t have to.

We can respect and participate in any monetary transaction, and we can learn to do it consciously. We are not bound by the idea of strict exchange in the way it is custom in our culture.

Let us, once again, see what we can learn in this regard from our experience of love and joy.

When we share our love and joy with each other, when it happens genuinely, directly from our open heart, we do it abundantly and without holding back. We don’t measure our smiles, hugs or any other expressions of it. It’s an expression that can vary in strength depending on how open we are and how open the recipient is, but hopefully it is not a matter of “something for something”.

So how can that translate into money paying for things, paying bills, and receiving payments as well?

It’s all about awareness, all about consciousness.

We are free to give money with the deep knowing that it is simply a symbolic expression of a loving, infinite abundance, regardless of the numbers involved. We are free to receive money in the same spirit.

And  we can also acknowledge that if and when we experience less money than we would like to have at our immediate disposal, there are good reasons why infinite abundance aka life creates that experience for us.

This is important. The limiting experiences too are created for us. They are opportunities. They support us in confronting and addressing any energetical block any limiting beliefs we may have about money, about safety, about relationships, about work and whatever else may be relevant for us. They help us expand into a more conscious and more joyful way of living.

As for receiving money, it is up to us to remember and to expect that money given to us, for whatever reason, is given from a source that is abundantly flowing. It is not a sacrifice, it does not result in someone else having less,  just like a hug is not depleting the giver from some limited “hug inventory”.

Even if we cannot immediately affect how others feel about transferring their money to us, we can still strive to maintain that higher vibration and that higher understanding of what is really going on. And what is really going on, while someone transfers their money to someone else’s bank account is this:

Both the sending and the receiving bank accounts are perfect illusions in this matrix, this dream world, this adventure. Both accounts are created out of the infinite abundance of a universe that creates that particular holographic experience for a reason. And it’s not that there is a shortage of manifesting ability in the universe. This really is something to remember even as we live  in that manifested dream world.

Inviting others into the awakening journey

Besides practicing that awareness, there are also situations where we can affect the “exchange” a little bit more. For example, in my relationships with coaching clients and students, I intend to help them – just like I help myself – to tune in to that abundance before they transfer money to me, and then transfer it with that joyous abundant feeling, knowing that there is more than enough for all of us (and that is an understatement).

There are some other practical solutions that I’ll be offering clients as well, but the essence of it is to mutually recognize the abundance that is ours, including an abundance of love, wisdom, joy and money. And then support each other in expressing from there, within our possibilities and without holding back out of fear.

Practicing it

I have applied and coached quite successfully a similar approach in the past (the Busting Loose  model) and I am doing it again although in different ways that I resonate with more now.

Even if manifestation can be experienced quite immediately, this is deep work and not something that happens overnight. I so enjoy it and I hope you will too. Here is the essence of it:

  • Listen to your inner guidance
  • Acknowledge and tune in to your abundance at all times. Feel its infinite energy, flowing through you and expressing itself as wealth, as money, as things, as services, as opportunities, as connections. This is really important, so work with that as much as you can.
  • Acknowledge that limitation is transformational – it is but an invitation to address anything that it may trigger, and sometimes also just a way to get you on a specific path. Accept the invitation and do the work required.
  • When giving, whether it is love, things or money, do it from the place in you that rejoices in giving, and doesn’t stop itself beyond the practical limitations mentioned above
  • When receiving, whether it is love, things or money, do it from the place in you that knows that the one giving to you rejoices in giving, and doesn’t have to hold back beyond the limitations mentioned above

Joyful living

There is so much joy in knowing that whatever life brings us (and also when it doesn’t), happens for us, not to us.

There is so much joy in seeing the abundance that is manifested wherever we look, and to see it manifest itself as we follow our guidance and our heart’s desire.

There is infinite abundance. There is infinite love. There is infinite joy. This is our true reality.

Ready to dive deeper into joyful living?



This excerpt of the forthcoming book, “Awakening to Joyful Living”, is published here with permission. All Rights Reserved Halina Goldstein

The Naked Heart And The Money Game

A while ago I noticed how there is some constriction in my heart. In exploring it I was taken to an experience of what my heart really wants – namely to give and to receive without holding back. That is true for all of us, I believe – and we have all learned to hold back nevertheless. It affects our lives, and it also creates challenges in our relationship with money – the money game as we play it. Listen in…


Joy and purpose belong together, forever

Joy and Purpose belong together, forever! Yes, you can almost think of them as personas. Which is why I started this video with what could be a letter:

“Dear Purpose, I need you, I want you, I can’t be joyful without you!” 🙂

Resources mentioned in this Joy and Purpose video:

 Finding Joy Every Day ebook


Sully: My Search for What Really Matters

Summary of this Joy and Purpose video

Please use this as notes for your brain – not a replacement of the video that will speak to your heart and soul as well. 🙂

  • Why we need a purpose
  • Why we want a purpose
  • Why when we align our lives with our true purpose, joy can flow
  • What is a purpose, anyhow?
  • The life of Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger as an example of purposeful living

“I believe there’s a calling for all of us. I know that every human being has value and purpose. The real work of our lives is to become aware. And awakened. To answer the call.” ~ Oprah

  • You cannot figure your calling out – it’s not an intellectual process
  • No one can tell you what your calling is
  • The difference between a purpose and a general idea

Questions for you

  • Have you ever felt that you need a purpose? Or want a purpose?
  • Do you know your specific purpose?
  • How can you align more with your purpose, and with your joy?

If you have questions for me as well, let me know!


Purpose As A Door To Joy

Purpose as a door to Joy — and my counter-intuitive experiences with structure vs flow is what this video is about.

Here are the resources mentioned in the video:

And here’s a short overview of what the video is about. Please use this as notes for your brain – not a replacement of the video that will speak to your heart and soul as well. 🙂

  • Joy is always there – it’s not brought to us by something external
  • Meditation is a door to Joy (but not the only one, of course)
  • Structuring our life in alignment with our true purpose can serve as a door to Joy – while a rigid structure can close that door quite efficiently
  • Following our flow when done consciously and with great presence can serve as a door to Joy – while following it in a mindless sort of way has the opposite effect
  • Presence is essential for Joy
  • Being in alignment with our true purpose is essential — when it comes to Joy
  • And all of it is work in progress – joyful work!

How to stay joyful during your holiday challenge

Here’s a short overview of what you will find in the video:

  • How the essence of aTibetan Buddhist practice can relate to the challenge of holidays
  • How to approach attachment (hint: not with what we usually think is detachment)
  • How your attitude can free not only you but also others – in the midst of holidays too
  • How to create a beautiful joyful holiday experience alone

Wishing you a truly Joyful holiday and New Year!

Greatest joy, greatest fear, greatest truth

A shadow of doubt disconnecting the greatest joy

This morning I woke up with a small shadow of doubt. I was thinking of what I want to see happen in the fairly near future and how it seems almost impossible right now. And then I noticed how I felt, and how in that moment I was disconnected from my greatest joy and also from…

What I know to be the truth.

Life is a divine adventure

Life is a cosmic story, and we don’t get to see what’s going to happen next (even if we’re busy convincing ourselves that we do). So there’s no point in trying to figure out what will be based on what is!

Even if I fail…

Even if we fail, (as I have more than once in my life), it’s just part of that adventure, and I will rise when it’s time to rise – as did every one in the  Time To Rise real life stories.

It’s bigger than I

The best things in my life never happened because I tried to make them happen (even if they could include what I tried) – they just happened, out of the blue, in the most magical ways, as if life was saying: “Your vision was too small, honey, too limited. So here’s a gift that you didn’t even consider”

This  adventure is so much bigger then I can ever think of and in the “hands” of a creative power I can’t even begin to try to comprehend.

My job is…

All I need to do is be present in it and do my best to live it wholeheartedly, and be and do what I know I’m here to be and do – today. I have nothing to worry about, really.


Now, this could be the end of what I wanted to share with you today, but it’s really the beginning!…and a way for me to explain why I feel like telling you a couple of stories – stories from real life. Are you ready?

The Biggest Questions

Stepen Cope - is his greatest joy his greatest work?Once upon a time, in a country called The United States Of America, there lived a very wise man. He was a senior teacher at the largest residential yoga center in the country. Thousands of people came to him every year to ask him some of the most important questions we ever get to ask ourselves:

How do I come home to myself? And how do I found my true purpose, my calling?

Perhaps because of that, or maybe just because he felt stuck (yes, it happens to wise men too, not just you and me!), the question began to hunt him as well. Something in him was unfulfilled. Did he himself find his true purpose, his calling, his dharma? And, more importantly, was he living it?

He had to find out, and to do so he wrote a book. It’s called The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling. When I heard about the book, even if I feel I’ve never been closer to my calling than now, I knew I just had to have it.

However, when it finally arrived, I only read the first sentence! I didn’t continue the reading until several days later. Why? Because that first sentence was a question that wasn’t easy to answer. This question:

What do you fear most in this life?

I pondered the question again and again, and along the way, it changed. It became:

What is your greatest fear?

It too time. Each time I thought I found an answer, there was a sense of… no, this is not my greatest fear.

Eventually, I found some kind of an answer. For now.

And also, another question:

What is your greatest joy?

This one was easy for me to answer. It is, after all, what my work is all about. But I was curious – how would other people answer it? So I asked as many of them as I could in a day.

So far, a hundred or so responded. And a vast majority of them responded with: “My children”.

I completely understand why that is the immediate feeling.

But if I got to talk with them, I would keep digging! As I will during the next Awakening To Joyful Living masterclass by the way.


Because there is an even greater joy. And it is important that we find it. And that brings me to another adventure!

Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu - living and speaking about the greatest joyOnce upon a time there were two holy men. One of them lived in South Africa. The other in India, although he was born in Tibet. They only met a few times, shortly, but they knew somehow that they were brothers.

As much as their hearts were young, their bodies were not. They were tired, and even ill. For that reason, and because there was such a demand for their presence in the world, they had very little time for themselves.

So you can imagine how special it was when they decided to spend a whole week together! They knew it would be not only the first but also most probably the last time in their life when they could experience that luxury.

In fact, it was so special that they decided to celebrate it by creating a gift for humanity.

A gift of joy

They invited an author to spend that week with them, and speak with them for that entire week, so that the conversation could be turned into a book. They called it The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World.

Now, this author (Douglas Abrams) wanted to ask them questions on the behalf of humanity, not just his own. So he asked as many people as he could in a very short time, what they wanted to know about joy. He received more than thousand questions! But guess what. The one question that most people asked was this:

How can I live with joy in a world filled with so much suffering?

The good news is that you absolutely can, and when you do you actually help alleviate the suffering in the world. We’re going to talk about that too during the masterclass.

One of the answers lies in the very understanding of what joy is. In Desmond Tutu’s words

“Joy is much bigger than happiness. While happiness is often seen as being dependent on external circumstances, joy is not”.

This is the greatest joy that I know. The joy that lives within me.

Of course, it lives within you too! It lives within us all, waiting for us to awaken to it and to let it flow through and nourish everything that we are, everything that we do, everything that we live, and the entire world.

Maybe not all at once though 🙂 … Awakening is a gradual process and a journey, and I’m glad it is.

Would you want to know more?

Then come and Awakening to Joyful Living masterclass - opening to the greatest joy



Awakening To The Light In The Dark

Here in the Northern part of the world, we’ve entered the darkest part of the year. We have less than 8 hours of daylight, and until the winter solstice on Dec 21, there will be even less of it every day.

This, along with the demands and emotional stress around the upcoming holidays makes this time a challenging one for many people, a dark time in many ways.

It’s like dreaming of darkness

You know that feeling you can have in a dream, where darkness prevails, and you feel lost, vulnerable, stumbling your way through it, and not seeing any end to it. No light at the end of the tunnel.

But then again, the light is there, even if we cannot see it.

Imagine that you’re dreaming that dream, and while you are deep asleep, an angel of a kind, or your soul perhaps, or just someone that loves you dearly sits by your side, looking at you with all the love they have in their heart.

What they see is very different from what you experience. They see you, lying safely in a room which is completely bathed with golden light, with love, with joy.

They see you as the light being that you are, creating and living a dream. You dreaming you.

And because they have this wider and lighter perspective, and because they’re awake and see you, they also know that all of it, even the dream that you’re dreaming, the darkness, the confusion, the fear, the helplessness that you feel in the dream –  all that is made of light too.

Because that’s what dreams are made of. Not of stuff but of light.

And perhaps, even as you’re immersed in that deep dream, perhaps you somehow sense that other presence, that other awareness, that light that you know must be there somehow. That’s how you know that this is a dream. And that’s why you feel a desire to wake up.

But because you’re so much in the dream, and because it’s a dense and dark dream, the only way you remember in that moment to actually awaken is to try to open your eyes.

You try and try, but it’s as if your eyelids are glued to your face, and you cannot open them. It feels like there’s nothing you can do, other than dream on. So it seems.

But here’s the good news.

This is not just a dream. This is an adventure.

The purpose of an adventure is not to drawn you in darkness. On the contrary.

The purpose of this adventure is to take you into the unknown, through what seems like danger, to challenge you so that you can find what you have been missing all your life.

Your birthright. Your light.

“To every birth there is the long waiting
For the new life
All light begins in the dark”
~ “Meditations For The Living”

Light can be found in many ways and in many forms. Your adventure however, offers you the ultimate key to it. If you can find the very source of light, the light that begins in the dark, then light will never leave you again, not even in the darkest of times. Because no matter where your eyes turn, and even when they’re closed, you will see light, you will feel light, you will know light.

That’s what awakening really is, for most of us. It’s not leaving the dream, and it’s not being completely conscious in the dream either. It’s living the dream with awareness. It’s awakening to the light in you, in the dream and everywhere,  more and more, glimpse by glimpse, wave by wave, day by day.

Finding light today

How does that search for light then translate into your life on Earth, this winter, this month, today? How do you find Light now?

Here are three ways to do it. You can use them combined or pick the one that works for you.

1. Add more light to your physical experience.

In this dream that we live on Earth your eyes aren’t actually glued. 🙂  It is possible to see light here and there. So focus on light wherever you already see it.

  • Get outside and find the lightest part of the sky. Bathe yourself in it
  • Wherever you see some extra light, savor it
  • Light a candle, or turn on some extra “unnecessary” light inside (it’s Okay to make an exception sometimes, you know.)

2. Learn simple ways to experience more light and joy

The Finding Light Everywhere Meditation is ready for you below:

This way you will also be added to my email list and will be the first to know about the next Light and Joy training!

3. Speak with me and gain clarity on how to find your light

Light and Joy Discovery Session





Here’s a free Light and Joy Discovery Session for you

Awakening your forgotten heart and voice

What is your true, original, authentic voice? Have you ever wondered?

When you talk with other people, whether they’re friends or strangers, or when you teach, speak on stage, in a podcast, on video…

In a sense, it always is – simply because “you” is a very large container for countless versions of you, for all the facets of the diamond of your personality, changing as it turns  around.

Just like you seem to change depending on the situation, so does your voice change, depending on who you are in that moment and who you speak with or to.

Your voice has been changing this way all your life.

In fact, some of the ways in which it has been changing are so deeply ingrained in you that no one experiences them as anything less than you. Not even you.

We have a habitual relationship with our voice

We are so used to the voice that we know, we’re hardly aware that it’s not what it once was

I’ve been noticing that too, with my own voice. Not because my voice has been artificial as such, or false. On the contrary, I’ve been told times and times again that I appear authentic no matter who I’m with.

I’ve been noticing these  subtle changes nevertheless, because there is a certain energy that more and more needs to be expressed through my voice more directly, without me coming in the way. And so I’m finding the ways in which I have indeed been coming in the way.

I became more aware of the very subtle ways in which I’ve been trying to control how my expression might affect others. It’s not a conscious, “Am I nice enough? Polite enough? Pleasing enough? Intelligent enough?” And yet there is this wordless, invisible monitoring of of my expression.

It brings to my mind pieces from my voice’s history, and how it changed along the way.

Our voice has a history of its own

We were born with a particular, natural voice. It was the voice that uttered the first scream, the voice that uttered the first word. Or was the first word already a subtle adaptation perhaps, a way to model our parents?

As we grew up, our voice changed to express what we believed was the right expression in certain situations, with certain people, in any social context.

And perhaps,  just like there are some specific pathways in the brain that are created and then grow stronger as they are being used again and again, perhaps in similar way our physical voice connected stronger and stronger with certain roles we played, certain masks we wore, certain behaviors we believed were appropriate (even when they were inappropriate perhaps), certain areas in our bodies, certain shades of our energy.

Some people believe that in order to survive or thrive socially, they need to sound clever, or original. Others believe they need to sound calming, non-intrusive, weak even. Others, on the contrary, believe they need to sound authoritative. The list goes on and on.

I can find subtle shadows of any of it in myself as well – I’m not an exception of course,  I’m human…

And it’s part of my human journey to realize how these subtle, fine adjustments limited my  expression, and my ability to connect fully.

Because at the end of the day, that’s the price we’re paying

Whatever stands in the way of our true voice stands in the way of our most true connection with others

I became aware of these very subtle, habitual characteristics of my voice when I encountered a strong tension in my throat. As always when I encounter a challenge, I dived into it, trying to explore it openly. Somewhere along the way, I discovered a different voice, or a different way to relate with it. From somewhere deeper within my body and my heart.

I noticed that when I speak from that deeper place, there is no self-consciousness, there is no self-monitoring and no constriction. Most importantly, there is a deeper, more direct connection with my heart’s ultimate desire. Which is,  just to love. To love everyone. To love everything. To love unconditionally, with a child’s innocence.

It’s an innocence that so many of us have been either warned against, or have been made fun of, or have learned to fear and protect for any other good reason.

Changing, adapting our voice to what we subconsciously or consciously believed was required of us, was a way to protect our innocent heart. And with that, hiding our ultimate, direct connection with others.

But there comes a time on the spiritual journey when reconnecting with our true voice is as necessary as reconnecting with our true heart. So that we can speak our heart clearly, when we wish to.

The next level of our spiritual journey requires that heart and voice connection to be healed

Now, of course, what that “next level” is depends greatly on our spiritual journey.

For some people, there isn’t any immediate need to take that next step. Because the disconnect and the limitation is as subtle as it is, they can continue creating all the great things they’re creating, they can continue coaching and healing and teaching and it will still be tremendously helpful.

But since you’re still reading I assume there is a reason for that.

Perhaps your heart wants more of its innocence back. Perhaps your soul wants you to share and shine your light more fully. Perhaps, you sense that something is calling for you to go further and deeper.

Perhaps you’re ready to let go of these subtle yet deep adjustments and protective layers, in your voice, your heart, your being.

If so, in my experience this is not an easy transformation. It affects your entire life and it draws on your entire history. It’s subtle, but then again deep. It’s big.

Wherever you are on this journey, if I can be of any help, reach out to me. I’m here for you.

You see, the rather fortunate part of it is that I’m very much oriented towards sound, much much more than vision. Having played music for 40 years or so, including 20 years of creating music for healing and meditation, I have been blessed with an ability to sense the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a voice. I’m not sure what to call it – intuitive hearing? – but I experience that a lot whenever I’m working with clients. We work over phone typically, so it’s quite fortunate to be able to have a deep experience and understanding of you this way, even if we’re not in the same room.

Awakening coaching


Enlightenment: Is it for everyone? Or just for the few chosen ones?

Enlightenment for everyone?! How provoking that sounds…


Get all the details of this new enlightenment journey here

Throughout most of my spiritual journey to me enlightenment meant: The complete, full, conscious embodiment of soul / spirit / higher consciousness.

Believing that, I had a rather specific picture of how that would look like. I would imagine someone  standing or moving in a most graceful sort of way, with an eternal smile on their lips, always saying and doing the right thing, endlessly loving, immersed in stillness even as they were speaking, emanating peace and joy and light…  It was the most desirable and most unattainable state I could think of.

So you can imagine how dangerous it felt when the word “enlightenment” became to show half way into the Lightworker Manual.

Even if the word was qualified as in  “we are providing ways to enter into a more enlightened or light-filled experience than ever before, for many more than ever before. It’s not because enlightenment is better or more perfect, it has nothing to do with such judgments. It’s because this is the course of the human evolution and it is a necessary development.”

Even knowing that, it still felt intimidating somehow. I felt like a fraud. Who were I to teach enlightenment? I would never ever call my very human self an enlightened being. I know myself too well for that. I know my imperfections. I am as human as anyone.

But then something started to happen. Such as the experience of sharing an energy that I didn’t know I was sharing.  And that wasn’t an isolated experience. More and more people are telling me that there is this light with me,  even when I’m unaware of it, even when I don’t try to open to it.

So I’m finally beginning to accept that it’s time we for us to redefine the word “enlightenment” rather than getting stuck in those old ideals, these perfect pictures that just keep us away from our actual possibilities.

Enlightenment is not a state, it is a process.

Enlightenment, as I choose to understand it now, is a process of opening to light more than ever before, an individual process and also a collective process for humanity as such. 

An enlightenment process rarely results in the full embodiment of light. It is not the full transformation, and it is not meant to be it either. What our times call for is a general expansion, enlightening more of our individual humanity, and enlightening the humanity as such.

How the enlightenment process feels

It does not feel like enlightenment, not to me. It feels like being  more at peace with life and people, having less reactions to whatever used to trigger me, having more access to joy, experiencing more harmony, more gratitude, more presence.

It’s not perfect, and I don’t expect it to ever become perfect. It’s just lighter and lighter and lighter, in every way.

What it takes for enlightenment to happen

The enlightenment process does require a certain level of energetical freedom so that the light can flow and glow.

It does require a certain alignment with one’s soul, for the same reason.

But it does not require that we become a living Buddha per se. Perhaps because we already are Buddha, even if we’re more or less oblivious to the fact. Buddhas in disguise. Souls pretending they are something else.

Enlightenment then means coming out of the hiding, bit by bit, and allowing that inherent Buddha nature of ours to shine, more and more, knowingly and unknowingly.

And, for that nature of us to show itself, we need to be open. Open to everything in us and everything outside of us. The more we can allow the light of consciousness to embrace any part of us, the more free that light can shine for others as well – even if we’re far from “fully enlightened”.

Can you travel the enlightenment road on your own?

Simple as it may sound, it really isn’t. We are complex beings and the journey can be challenging. It does take time and considerable commitment. And, it takes guidance from someone or something that is at least some steps ahead of where you are.

If you have all the guidance you need already and things are evolving just like you wanted them too, wonderful! But if not…

Enlightenment coaching

What does it take to shine your light?

For most of us, if we asked ourselves “What does it take to shine my light?” we’d probably come up with a list that is rather long as well as demanding. But is it true?

When attending Andrea Pennington’s Speak From The Heart workshop, I had an unexpected experience of what it really takes (and what not):

Another interesting insight I had about sharing your light was while I was (not) “killing time” in the London Underground and Heathrow Airport!

Thoughts? Experiences? Comments? Questions? Share them below!