Creativity and Joy

When Eva Andrea brought up the topic of our creativity in the Magical Writers Tribe, it reminded me of something that I rarely think about these days, even if it has been a major part of my life.

For 40+ years, asides of my spiritual practices and work, it was music that was my primary connection to Source. Music was another form of meditation, but it was also an attempt to do the impossible: to express what words could not.

Interestingly, as I listen to the music I recorded back then, on the one hand I’m thinking “I would play it differently now”. On the other hand, the energy behind the music feels the same as what is here now! And that amazes me. It has been all the the time, but I wasn’t aware of it in the same way. 

My music stopped flowing 15 years ago, and was replaced by an inspiration to write. Including a novel that I’m currently rewriting for the 3rd time. Because, again something has changed since I began to write it, and I see things somewhat differently now. So, the novel needs a major upgrade. Just like I do from time to time

Who knows what the future brings. Another expression is already emerging. And then maybe another and another. And still…

Our experiences change. Our insights change. Our expression changes. But something stays the same. The inaudible, invisible source and companion to our changing life, the very essence of our being.


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