Work, dreams or goals?

If I asked you, how do you feel about your work, your dreams, your goals? What would you say?
As for me, my work has several aspects (all contributing to Awakening To Joyful Living), but just to mention one of them first, namely coaching: I have a slightly unusual relationship to it. If someone asked me: Do you love coaching? Do you find it fulfilling to coach? I’d say Yes! I love witnessing how my clients find their way and spread their wing. It’s awe inspiring.
However, that doesn’t mean that I need to coach in order to feel fulfilled. I just thoroughly enjoy doing it when it’s happening.
It occurs to me, that what I do, workwise, is simply being who I have been all my life and communicating in ways I have been communicating all my life, with or without a label and a job description. In this way, to be a coach/mentor has never been my dream, but it is my nature.
So, what has been my dream?
The other night in a vision I encountered a wise being of a kind, reminding me and others how it is important to both have big goals and to respect the dreams that we had as young children.
What was it for you?
For me, as a 5-year-old girl, asides of helping people, all I wanted was to write. I have to say though that it’s a dream that I have been more or less neglecting most of my life. Perhaps because it wasn’t the right time, and I wasn’t ready?
Whatever the reason, I am finally giving it the space it deserves, and surrendering to big goals around it too. Not because I have need to have big goals, that does not feel like my nature at all. But it does feel like a calling to bring the books out to as many as possible. And so, I surrender to it. With acceptance, excitement and joy, but without rush and without worry. Whatever will be will be, one tiny step at a time.
❓ But how about you? Your work? Your dreams? Your goals?