Spiritual surrender and the Lightworker journey

What is the meaning of spiritual surrender? That’s what this final chapter of the Lightworker Manual addresses – but then again, it doesn’t! The chapter itself is a process of surrender, and the concept of surrender can be easily misunderstood…. Listen in!

On a very general note, there are (at least) 3 ways to experience spiritual surrender:

  • As a once and for all radical decision, similar to Michael Singer’s journey as described in The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection
  • As ad hoc, case by case choices that we make in any specific situation
  • As a natural unfoldment of consciousness (like the different presence experiences I’m sharing in the video above).

Are you ready to embark on your own journey through the Lightworker Manual and become  the joyful and impactful Lightworker that you were meant to be? You can now pre-register for the upcoming Lightworker Group Coaching program here.

Shine your Light.
Amplify your impact.
Joyfully and effortlessly,
Change the world.

What stands in the way of love? (19)

We are born as an expression of pure Love. It’s very simple. But then we develop this very complicated relationship with love…

Just to give you an impression, below are some of the states/experiences that come in the way of our love.  I get much more personal and there’s more to learn as well in the video though. So don’t  settle for the few words below. 😉


Shame makes us distance ourselves from our love and our heart. Guilt and shame can be of things we have experienced or done and judge. And, shame can leads us back to our naked, innocent heart:


Makes us push against and reject – it’s a very different energy than love’s natural receptivity. It’s a natural reaction to the ways we have been held back. And, anger can become love’s ally and the power that enables that naked heart to express itself in the world fearlessly. But first we have to deal with…


Fear has so many faces, expressions and reasons… fear of losing control, fear of having no boundaries, fear of being judged for loving the wrong people (including the very wrong people indeed). And, if you go deep enough into the energy of fear, it will take you directly to joy and love.

But how do we remove those blocks?

There are many ways, and the one that has worked best for me is the SEE Approach. I share the basics of it in the video, and we go deeper with it when we work individually or in groups. To explore current options for you to open more to the love that you are, explore Lightworker offers here

JOYful living in challenging times (18)

What is Joy?

We use the word in many different ways. Here, in the Lightworker Manual it refers to the essential feeling of who we are. In other words, joy is the most natural feeling in the world.

And yet, natural it may be,  we spend much of our time not feeling it, and when we feel it, we don’t feel it fully. How come?

This (18th) presentation of the Lightworker Manual sheds some some light on that, and also proposes ways to bring more Joy into our lives. Listen in!

5 ways to bring more Joy into our lives

I explain more about each of the approaches & projects in the video, but wanted to share an overview with you here as well:

1. Shift your focus from problems to joy

We are problem-solution oriented or even fixated. In doing so, we not only limit our ability to resolve them, but also the Joy that is our birthright

2. Add Joy everywhere

Whatever you do – and even when you don’t do anything – add Joy to the experience. Open to the Joy that is within you already. And, allow yourself to be playful too!

3. Become a Joy Ambassador

Even if we all live in the land of heaviness aka the challenging human experience, we’re more than that. We all come from the same source as our Joy. Practice living as an ambassador of  Joy – connecting and engaging in life and also representing and with that reminding others of Joy as our home

4. Join the Lightworker Group Program

This is the program that will take you beyond the inspirations found in the Lightworker Manual and into a transformational group process where we support each other in embodying Joy (and much more).

5. Join the Joy Keepers Networks

If you’re a spiritual leader, coach, teacher or healer this network is for you!
It will help you bring and maintain more Joy into your own life as well as the life of others – potentially even humanity as a whole.

Share your experiences, insights and questions about Joy below!

Lightworkers Group Coaching Program

For a long time now I’ve had 2 lives, kind of. One life was all about providing spiritual inspiration and support (like in this blog).  In the other I supported and helped resolve issues not related to my spiritual work at all. It was an interesting journey which I appreciate, I learned a lot and met some exceptional people there.

Last week that journey finally came to its end, and after taking one beautiful day off for the transition I’ve been thrilled to be able to focus on my soul’s calling entirely since. And not just thrilled but on fire!

There’s so much I want to do and the time has come for it to be created and shared, with you and with the world. I will of course be sharing more along the way, but here’s the first of these upcoming creations:

The Lightworker Group Program

Shine your Light.
Amplify your impact.
Joyfully and effortlessly,
Change the world.

This program is the first program where you actually get to work with the Lightworker Manual.  It’s designed as a journey where you and a small group of people will work with the manual daily, turn it into practice and receive transformational coaching and practices along the way.


Shining light on the patterns that have been restraining us (17)

Have you noticed how a period of expansion is often followed by restriction?
It’s not because you’re going backwards – it’s because as more light shines through, the patterns that were hidden in the dark become visible. And, having experienced the expansion our gut reaction is often to just get rid of those (unnecessary, so it seems) restrictions. That’s what this chapter of the Lightworkers Manual is all about.


It takes a constant Light and openness to see those patterns, to understand them and to support a peaceful transformation. Ultimately that’s our job as Lightworkers in the world as well, to keep shining no matter what seems to happen in us, around us or out there. The mentorship process that is created around the Lightworker Manual will help those who are interested in growing that ability.

Another supportive resource that I just opened the door to is the Joy Keepers Network, a forum for spiritual leaders, coaches, teachers and healers where we can create ways to bring more Light and Joy together, and also inspire and support each other along the way.

Shine on! 🙂

Flow: Why Lightworkers need to open more to it (money flow too) (16)

Opening to flow is what being Lightworker is all about!

Our “work” (the work which is not work) is to open to the flow of Light (as much as we can) and then to share it and in this way expand its presence or the awareness of it in our world.

And, our ability to open to Light expands (or contracts) depending on our ability to open to any aspect of flow, including money flow.

That’s what this next chapter of the Lightworker Manual (chapter 16) is about:

Remember, we don’t have to create flow. It’s overflowing already! We just have to open to it and not stand in its way

How to do it is individual, and a way to explore your way is by observing how you are preventing flow in any area of life. Money is always a great place to start these observations.

When you know how you prevent it you will also know how to allow it. And, the video above provides some simple ways to do it.

Whichever way you choose, remember, flow is unconditional, by design (conditions stand in the way of flow!). That’s how we need to open to it and share it as well: freely and unconditionally.

 Where in your life do you experience most and least flow?

What helps you open to more flow? Share your experiences below!

Thank you! <3

The truth that transcends death (15)

We cannot be Lightworkers and Joy Keepers without being Truth Keepers as well.

I don’t mean any of the many truths that we may hold, believe or know, but rather the greater truth that we can sometimes experience and that transcends it all – death and loss too.

Below is a presentation of the Lightworker Manual chapter 15:

We cannot have an open and trusting relationship with Life and Light without having an equally open and trusting relationship with Death and Transformation.

How will you grow a positive relationship with death?


From longing for Light to becoming a Light Antenna (14)

Have you ever felt that deep longing for Light, for feeling and being what you knew was your greater reality? And isn’t it the longing that took you here, to a place where you can become a Light antenna yourself?

But what is a Light antenna?

This isn’t a path for everyone, but if you have felt that deep longing at some point in your life and have followed it,  your next longing is or will be: to be of service.

Just like it was my path to journey towards Light all my adult life, and eventually to create the path and the Lightworker Manual, as well as the Joy Keepers Network. More to come soon!


Knowing and Being Light: Is it something we can learn? (13)

Knowing Light intimately is what makes us Lightworkers. It’s not about fighting darkness, it’s about knowing and being the Light.

This is how we can impact our environment and our world, by simply being who we are and inspiring others to be the same.

But is it something that we can learn? Or do we have to wait for the grace of awakening?

Some highlights from the video:

Between knowing about it and knowing it there is the journey.
Between knowing it and being it there is the journey.

In essence, the entire Lightworkers Manual is a process facilitating that journey. But just to give you some very general transitions, here they are:

  1. From knowledge and understanding to trusting your intuition
  2. From intuition to direct, reliable connection with your inner wisdom through channeling
  3. From channeling words and insights to channeling – being – the essence, the Light that you are

Because the process is a movement from what we believe is safe and known to “unsafe and unknown” (it’s an illusion, but that’s how we experience it) fear is part of the process and needs to be addressed.

As we develop a sense of unity with our Light something changes in our relationship with fear, anger and negativity. Whether coming from within or from outside, these and similar emotions/experiences lose much of their significance and impact.

The journey from understanding Light to to being Light is just that – a journey rather than a destination.

Do not ask for Light (12)

When we experience or see suffering and darkness, what could be more natural than asking for Light, praying for Light.

And yet, from a deeper perspective, it really is a misunderstanding. Listen in to a presentation of chapter 12 of the Lightworker Manual

Life is light. We are light. Even as we forget it, we remain Light.

We are bathing in the ocean of Light when we’re breathing, walking, talking, changing the world, living…

Being a Lightworker means, among other words, doing it as consciously as we can when we can. That’s the journey.

Here’s a link to the previous Lightworker Manual videos