Why is it difficult to feel the joy with your family?

We all want to feel joy – this is our most fundamental desire. So why are there so many people that can hardly feel any joy when interacting with their family?
Well, if you’re like me and most of the people on an awakening journey, growing up has not been all that joyful. There are of course wonderful, free, joyful families out there, I know that for sure. And I also know that most of us have not had that experience. Quite to the contrary. It is with our family that we have felt least heard, least understood, and also least joyful.
There is a reason for that, and it’s not a bad reason. The reason is that most often, the spiritual role of our family is to challenge us. It’s the hardships that we experience(d) with our families that fuel the fire that rises in us and eventually liberates us. 
Many times, it liberates our family as well.
The spiritual journey is an extraordinary challenging adventure. Yes, it takes you to your greatest gifts, and your greatest joy. But while you’re on your way, it can be hard to feel the joy in your daily interactions.
Is it even possible to feel joy daily? Regardless of who we are with? Regardless of what is going on around us?
Yes, it is possible!
It is possible because joy, just like love and any other aspect of our spiritual nature, has its source within us, not outside of us. When we don’t feel it, it’s because we’re not in touch with it. But it’s still there.
Joy will never leave us. 
So what can we do, to feel its presence? Two things, actually.
👉🏻 1: Every day, we can do something to strengthen our connection with joy ~ Source ~ God. The more we get acquainted with it, the easier it gets to reconnect with it even while facing challenges. And it makes the challenges easier to deal with too.
👉🏻 2: We can accept challenges and dedicate ourselves to continuous healing. Healing ourselves, healing our relationships, healing whatever else seems to stand in our way.
What one thing can you every day to reconnect with your joy?
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