Why do we encounter pain?

In times of awakening and joy, we feel connected and whole. So why and when do we encounter pain?

It’s usually because there is a part of our wholeness that we cannot access, that we are disconnected from. Whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain, the message is the same: Healing is needed. 

The SEE Approach is a universal tool that is helpful in re-establishing connection and a sense of wholeness and peace in any area of your life. Here are a couple of examples from students:

”When there is a discomfort, I can approach it and I’m not afraid of it anymore. Sometimes memories come up, and then I can dive even deeper into it. Some of these memories are still there but without the emotional charge.
My heart opens up and integration happens between  love and whatever was hurting in me, and that gives me much freedom.” ~ B.K., Denmark

“The SEE approach is sound and a valuable tool. I have found it a useful way to deal with my physical pain. It’s a practical way of loving myself, and of staying in the present moment.” ~S.V., USA

Watch the video here  and see the potential in SEEing 😊💗

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