Flow: Why Lightworkers need to open more to it (money flow too) (16)

Opening to flow is what being Lightworker is all about!

Our “work” (the work which is not work) is to open to the flow of Light (as much as we can) and then to share it and in this way expand its presence or the awareness of it in our world.

And, our ability to open to Light expands (or contracts) depending on our ability to open to any aspect of flow, including money flow.

That’s what this next chapter of the Lightworker Manual (chapter 16) is about:

Remember, we don’t have to create flow. It’s overflowing already! We just have to open to it and not stand in its way

How to do it is individual, and a way to explore your way is by observing how you are preventing flow in any area of life. Money is always a great place to start these observations.

When you know how you prevent it you will also know how to allow it. And, the video above provides some simple ways to do it.

Whichever way you choose, remember, flow is unconditional, by design (conditions stand in the way of flow!). That’s how we need to open to it and share it as well: freely and unconditionally.

 Where in your life do you experience most and least flow?

What helps you open to more flow? Share your experiences below!

Thank you! <3

The truth that transcends death (15)

We cannot be Lightworkers and Joy Keepers without being Truth Keepers as well.

I don’t mean any of the many truths that we may hold, believe or know, but rather the greater truth that we can sometimes experience and that transcends it all – death and loss too.

Below is a presentation of the Lightworker Manual chapter 15:

We cannot have an open and trusting relationship with Life and Light without having an equally open and trusting relationship with Death and Transformation.

How will you grow a positive relationship with death?


From longing for Light to becoming a Light Antenna (14)

Have you ever felt that deep longing for Light, for feeling and being what you knew was your greater reality? And isn’t it the longing that took you here, to a place where you can become a Light antenna yourself?

But what is a Light antenna?

This isn’t a path for everyone, but if you have felt that deep longing at some point in your life and have followed it,  your next longing is or will be: to be of service.

Just like it was my path to journey towards Light all my adult life, and eventually to create the path and the Lightworker Manual, as well as the Joy Keepers Network. More to come soon!


Knowing and Being Light: Is it something we can learn? (13)

Knowing Light intimately is what makes us Lightworkers. It’s not about fighting darkness, it’s about knowing and being the Light.

This is how we can impact our environment and our world, by simply being who we are and inspiring others to be the same.

But is it something that we can learn? Or do we have to wait for the grace of awakening?

Some highlights from the video:

Between knowing about it and knowing it there is the journey.
Between knowing it and being it there is the journey.

In essence, the entire Lightworkers Manual is a process facilitating that journey. But just to give you some very general transitions, here they are:

  1. From knowledge and understanding to trusting your intuition
  2. From intuition to direct, reliable connection with your inner wisdom through channeling
  3. From channeling words and insights to channeling – being – the essence, the Light that you are

Because the process is a movement from what we believe is safe and known to “unsafe and unknown” (it’s an illusion, but that’s how we experience it) fear is part of the process and needs to be addressed.

As we develop a sense of unity with our Light something changes in our relationship with fear, anger and negativity. Whether coming from within or from outside, these and similar emotions/experiences lose much of their significance and impact.

The journey from understanding Light to to being Light is just that – a journey rather than a destination.

Do not ask for Light (12)

When we experience or see suffering and darkness, what could be more natural than asking for Light, praying for Light.

And yet, from a deeper perspective, it really is a misunderstanding. Listen in to a presentation of chapter 12 of the Lightworker Manual

Life is light. We are light. Even as we forget it, we remain Light.

We are bathing in the ocean of Light when we’re breathing, walking, talking, changing the world, living…

Being a Lightworker means, among other words, doing it as consciously as we can when we can. That’s the journey.

Here’s a link to the previous Lightworker Manual videos

As we come out of hiding so do our shadows

So many of us feel called these day. Called to be who we always knew ourselves to be. Called to create what we’re here to create. Called to express what we’re here to express.

There is a feeling of urgency. There is a sense of no longer being able to postpone this. The world needs us and we need to be there.

And so we step out of the hiding. Perhaps just by accepting our path and our role. Perhaps by beginning to express what we believe, wherever we go and not only when we speak with those who share the same beliefs. Perhaps by starting to build something new, something we’ve seen in our vision and have no idea whether it will become the thing we’ve seen or not. Perhaps by accepting the leadership we have avoided all our life.

We’re courageous. We’re inspired. We’re on fire. We’re in alignment. What a joy to be ourselves this way! And then…

We stumble and we fall.

Just as we’re about to take that next bold, happy, inspired step, we fall into darkness.

All of a sudden, we feel small, vulnerable, lost, scared… perhaps smaller and weaker than we have felt in a long time. And we hate it. We hate being back in that place again. That big dark cloud, that relentless shadow of our life.  The one you thought you were done with. Oh please, not this again, not now.

And then the fear comes. And then the questioning.

“Will I ever be free? What’s wrong with me? Why am I being stopped now that I’m finally coming out of the hiding, finally saying yes, finally agreeing to be who I’m here to be and do what I’m here to do”

What’s going on?

Do not worry, please. This is exactly what needs to happen. As we come out of the hiding, as we stand at the gate to the next phase of our lives, everything that has kept us back will stand there with us and will demand our attention.

It will not be ignored. And we will not pass through the gate until the meeting has taken place.

The meeting

If what kept you back is fear (of pain, of punishment, of isolation, of loss, of madness) it is now here waiting for you to meet it.

If what kept you back is worthlessness (feeling inferior, an impostor, shameful, painfully small…) it is now here waiting for you to meet you.

If it is dependency (on people, on status, on material security, on food, on things, on thoughts) it is waiting for you as well.

How do you meet a life-long adversary?

First of all, we need to acknowledge that this part of us, which has been following us all our lives, including when we thought it wasn’t, cannot follow us into that next phase. Not in its present form anyway. That’s why it stands in the way, like a gate keeper.

There’s no sneaking around. No elaborate justification will make it go away. On the contrary.

We need to stay with it. We need to engage with it again, wholeheartedly, patiently, with all the love and all the awareness that we have. We need to become it fully, for a while, so that we can feel it through and through.

And we’ve got to trust that we won’t drown in the shadow. This is not really an enemy, even if it feels that way. This is a call for healing.

If it was fear that has kept us back, this is the time to fully embrace that fear, until the instinctive courage of our soul emerges.

If it was worthlessness that kept us back, this is a call to fully embrace it, until the innate knowing of the indisputable worth or our being emerges.

If it was dependency that kept us back, this is the time to fully embrace it, until the deep-seated knowing of our true identity and freedom emerges.

The paradox

We won’t get anywhere unless we stay with it. This is how this journey works.

So let’s be patient now. Let’s stay for us long as it takes. Let’s do whatever inner work and outer changes are needed. If help is needed, reach out for help.

When this part of the work is done, we move on. And we walk with the courage and the confidence and the sense of freedom that our calling requires. And even more joy, even more lightness!

Shine the way only you can

I had a spontaneous realization, a wonderful eye and heart and body opening experience. And I want you to have it too. Only I can’t do that kind of magic here (I might if we embark on a journey together). So I will try to share it with you the best way I can right now.  I hope the experience will shine through.  🙂

Facing the “less than”

Have you ever looked at someone and found yourself not only comparing, but simply having to acknowledge you’re less than them. No matter how positive you wanted to be, you’re just not that young, or that beautiful, or that fit, or that successful, or that eloquent, or that popular, or that spiritual, or that experienced, or that…

Trying to love in spite of it

Now being the conscious person that you are, perhaps you tried to do something about that negative view of yourself. Perhaps you, later, looked at yourself in the mirror and hoped that you would be pleasantly surprised. But there’s a limit how surprising it can get. You know yourself pretty well. And the person in the mirror  has same age, the same face, the same marks, visible or invisible, the same…

And perhaps you just do your very best to love the person that you see in the mirror, and really open your heart to her or him, and you promise yourself to genuintely love yourself… in spite of it all.

And that’s a great step on your self-loving journey.

But you see…

You cannot shine “in spite of it”

You cannot shine out of dedication to love yourself. Light doesn’t come through arranged marriages, you know. Not until love comes and throws all arrangements out the window!  😉

You’ve got to fall in love with yourself

For you to shine naturally, spontaneously, without even trying to, you’ve got to fall in love with yourself. Not in spite of what and who you are. Not even because of what and who you are. But for one reason only. Because you cannot not love yourself, you cannot not be thrilled by being human, and being you, and being you with everyone else just the way you are.

And if that’s difficult to feel right now, that’s Okay. But let me share this picture with you…


Imagine this Special Unit

Imagine a very special team with a very special task that will make all the difference that needs to be made. You know what a great honor it is to be part of that team. And you would do anything to be part of it. Anything!

You’re already dedicated yourself to it, with all your heart, body, mind and spirit, even before you know if you’ll ever get a chance. Everything in you is in alignment, wanting just one thing: being part of this team.

And you know how carefully they select those to be on the team. You know how everyone on the team is there for one reason only: Because of who they are. Exactly that age, that look, that set of capacities and, just as important, inadequacies. Those experiences, those failures, those wounds and scars, this weirdness, is exactly what is needed. Because the only way the team can fulfill its assignment is by everyone being themselves as much as they possibly can. Everyone shining their own unique beingness. If they don’t, the whole project is dead.

You know that. And you wait. And you wait. And then…

Your greatest dream ever comes true.

You hear your name

And it’s like you  hear it for the first time in your life. It’s the most beautiful sound in the world. It’s you!

And you step forward. Or if you’re in a wheelchair you wheel forward. And you look around. Or if you can’t see you listen around. And your heart is overflowing with joy.

And you love, love, love being you, here, now, with this team. This is what you have been wanting all your life. This. You. And this is what they’ve been wanting all their life. This. You. Here. With them.

And you shine

You shine proudly and generously, you shine everything that you are, right now, so perfectly you. Your age. Your shape, and form, and smell. Your feelings, all of them. Your thoughts, all of them. Your spirit. The. Infinite. You.

That’s it. That’s all you need to know. That’s all you need to be.

Oh, and the name of that special team, with that special assignment?

Is it Joy Keepers? Actually, no.
Is it Lightworkers? No.
It is:


Welcome to Humanity, my friend. And thank you, thank you so much for being YOU!

See the Light in any disguise

Isn’t the miracle of creation just breathtaking… It is way beyond words for sure. But then, I love words… So here are some words, some instructions of a sort:

Let’s take a walk on a busy street

Let’s notice all the people passing us by. Be present with them, be open. Try not to judge. Try to see them.

Let yourself be amazed by this unbelievable diversity.

Think about it: Whoever you see is Light, expressing itself in that particular way, in that particular human, in that particular life.

Light is this human, and then again it is so much more.

Just like the artist is her work and then again she is so much more.

If Light can express itself in all ways, then we can too.

So let’s take it a step further

See yourself in any and all of those passers-by. See yourself happy or sad, empty or full, friendly or not. See yourself in any costume, in any disguise.

What an abundant adventure it is, to be able to experience yourself in any look and in any mind, in any voice and in any feeling.

This is all you. This is all us.

My heart is overflowing. Is yours too? It must be. We are one.

Oneness is not just a pretty metaphor.

Oneness is all there is. It has always been, it will always be. Timeless and in this Earthly time.

See yourself in every expression it has.

You are free! So allow yourself to be anything and anyone, and allow others the same.

This is the art of the Light, and it’s been brought to life for a reason.

We cannot return to Light without returning to Life

Return to your feet, walking on this Earth.

Return to the inner Light, the way only you know it.

Return to your center and allow yourself to shine.

Stay as open as the Light you’re shining.

Shine the Light. Shine you. And wear any costume you like.

If you have trouble dealing with any negativity you may meet along the way

Finding Light Everywhere