Lightworker: the shadows we cannot ignore, the waves we have to follow (8)

Today’s video is inspired by the 8th chapter of the Lightworker Manual – and by the shadows and the waves that we are experiencing these days. Listen in…

Here are some important questions to ponder…

  • Are there any obvious shadows that I’m trying to avoid? In my personal life? Globally?
  • How can I be present with them, experience them and shed my light on them?
  • Are there any big, global waves that are calling for my attention and my participation? If so, how do I feel inspired to engage and contribute?
  • What does it mean to me to be a Lightworker? How can I express that in my personal life? In my community? At work? And globally?

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Thank you!

How to approach negativity – and serve with lightness (7)

How can we as Lightworkers deal with the negativity in the world? And does it make the Lightworker path a heavy duty? That’s what this sharing is about:

So, just to recap (but please, watch the video, there’s so much more there!):

“Lightworking” is not a heavy duty – it’s living in Lightness ! Receiving Light, and then sharing it.

For the above to even be possible, we need to approach negativity consciously (and I explain how in the video above)

Share your experiences, thoughts and questions below!

The Lightworker Manual – first videos

Welcome Joy Keepers!

Here’s where I will be publishing new articles for you, and perhaps republishing some of the hundreds of articles published previously.

Meanwhile, I’m currently introducing the various chapters of the upcoming Lightworkers Manual through live presentations on Facebook. Here are the first ones:

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Restoring Our Path To Oneness (2)

Life’s Daily Arrangements (3)

On Light, Reality and a little bit of fear (4)

True empowerment – and how I can help you experience more of it (5)


Being a radiant center – and checking with reality too! (6)

And here’s where you can explore the Lightworker Empowerment Sessions

Here’s an overview of all post (and videos) related to the Lightworker Manual