Do you take time off for holidays and vacations?

If not, you’re not alone.  It makes me wonder:

What is driving entrepreneurs to work 7 days a week? Passion or fear?

If it’s fear (more precisely, fear of not making enough money) I have good news for you. Working 24/7 does not make you richer – taking time off does! As one of the students of the Joyful Economy course explained it:

I discovered the link between my own well-being (and the belief that I am abundant) and the actual flow of money”

But even if it’s passion that drives you and not just fear… I understand. I used to work non-stop too. My passion made it easy to overlook how it affected me. It’s called low-level stress for a reason.

⚠️ Low-level stress doesn’t scream at you. But it still takes a toll on you.

Long story short, I have learned my lesson. I do take time to rest now, weekends and holidays and vacations are scheduled in my calendar. And you know what I discovered?

I love it! Taking time to just go with the flow, no plans and no to do lists. What a playful, energizing, creative space to be in.

So much so that on the last day of my recent holiday I was a bit nervous, afraid that it will not be as much fun as the vacation. But I was wrong!

I’m back to work, I so enjoy it and I bring even more playfulness and joy into my work.

Actually, the practices that are part of the Joyful Economy course, are also perfect support for working with joy. In another student’s words:

“I believe the joyful practices are the foundation for what I have been manifesting, and they are also making my life in general more joyful”

There’s more about it in the video here