Knowing and Being Light: Is it something we can learn? (13)

Knowing Light intimately is what makes us Lightworkers. It’s not about fighting darkness, it’s about knowing and being the Light.

This is how we can impact our environment and our world, by simply being who we are and inspiring others to be the same.

But is it something that we can learn? Or do we have to wait for the grace of awakening?

Some highlights from the video:

Between knowing about it and knowing it there is the journey.
Between knowing it and being it there is the journey.

In essence, the entire Lightworkers Manual is a process facilitating that journey. But just to give you some very general transitions, here they are:

  1. From knowledge and understanding to trusting your intuition
  2. From intuition to direct, reliable connection with your inner wisdom through channeling
  3. From channeling words and insights to channeling – being – the essence, the Light that you are

Because the process is a movement from what we believe is safe and known to “unsafe and unknown” (it’s an illusion, but that’s how we experience it) fear is part of the process and needs to be addressed.

As we develop a sense of unity with our Light something changes in our relationship with fear, anger and negativity. Whether coming from within or from outside, these and similar emotions/experiences lose much of their significance and impact.

The journey from understanding Light to to being Light is just that – a journey rather than a destination.

Do not ask for Light (12)

When we experience or see suffering and darkness, what could be more natural than asking for Light, praying for Light.

And yet, from a deeper perspective, it really is a misunderstanding. Listen in to a presentation of chapter 12 of the Lightworker Manual

Life is light. We are light. Even as we forget it, we remain Light.

We are bathing in the ocean of Light when we’re breathing, walking, talking, changing the world, living…

Being a Lightworker means, among other words, doing it as consciously as we can when we can. That’s the journey.

Here’s a link to the previous Lightworker Manual videos

Grounding: What it is and why Lightworkers need it now more than ever (9)

Today’s video is about grounding and it is inspired by the 9th chapter of the Lightworker Manual – as well as the Lightworker research that I’m conducting these days. As you will see grounding is not the same as mastering your body. Listen in…

Here’s the Mt. Shasta Earth Healing initiative that I’ve referred to in the video and invite you to support, financially and energetically.

What are your joyful, playful Grounding practices? Inspire us in a comment! 🙂

Lightworker: the shadows we cannot ignore, the waves we have to follow (8)

Today’s video is inspired by the 8th chapter of the Lightworker Manual – and by the shadows and the waves that we are experiencing these days. Listen in…

Here are some important questions to ponder…

  • Are there any obvious shadows that I’m trying to avoid? In my personal life? Globally?
  • How can I be present with them, experience them and shed my light on them?
  • Are there any big, global waves that are calling for my attention and my participation? If so, how do I feel inspired to engage and contribute?
  • What does it mean to me to be a Lightworker? How can I express that in my personal life? In my community? At work? And globally?

Share your comments below or on Facebook, whatever works for you.

Thank you!

How to approach negativity – and serve with lightness (7)

How can we as Lightworkers deal with the negativity in the world? And does it make the Lightworker path a heavy duty? That’s what this sharing is about:

So, just to recap (but please, watch the video, there’s so much more there!):

“Lightworking” is not a heavy duty – it’s living in Lightness ! Receiving Light, and then sharing it.

For the above to even be possible, we need to approach negativity consciously (and I explain how in the video above)

Share your experiences, thoughts and questions below!

The Lightworker Manual – first videos

Welcome Joy Keepers!

Here’s where I will be publishing new articles for you, and perhaps republishing some of the hundreds of articles published previously.

Meanwhile, I’m currently introducing the various chapters of the upcoming Lightworkers Manual through live presentations on Facebook. Here are the first ones:

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