See the Light in any disguise

Isn’t the miracle of creation just breathtaking… It is way beyond words for sure. But then, I love words… So here are some words, some instructions of a sort:

Let’s take a walk on a busy street

Let’s notice all the people passing us by. Be present with them, be open. Try not to judge. Try to see them.

Let yourself be amazed by this unbelievable diversity.

Think about it: Whoever you see is Light, expressing itself in that particular way, in that particular human, in that particular life.

Light is this human, and then again it is so much more.

Just like the artist is her work and then again she is so much more.

If Light can express itself in all ways, then we can too.

So let’s take it a step further

See yourself in any and all of those passers-by. See yourself happy or sad, empty or full, friendly or not. See yourself in any costume, in any disguise.

What an abundant adventure it is, to be able to experience yourself in any look and in any mind, in any voice and in any feeling.

This is all you. This is all us.

My heart is overflowing. Is yours too? It must be. We are one.

Oneness is not just a pretty metaphor.

Oneness is all there is. It has always been, it will always be. Timeless and in this Earthly time.

See yourself in every expression it has.

You are free! So allow yourself to be anything and anyone, and allow others the same.

This is the art of the Light, and it’s been brought to life for a reason.

We cannot return to Light without returning to Life

Return to your feet, walking on this Earth.

Return to the inner Light, the way only you know it.

Return to your center and allow yourself to shine.

Stay as open as the Light you’re shining.

Shine the Light. Shine you. And wear any costume you like.

If you have trouble dealing with any negativity you may meet along the way

Finding Light Everywhere

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