Spiritual information overload

Are you experiencing spiritual information overload? If so, you’re not alone! There is so much going on with us and around us, and I meet many spiritual seekers, Lightworkers and Joy Keepers feeling overwhelmed, even if for the best of reasons. What to do about it? Here’s a short 7 min video that I hope will inspire you

Be mindful of your needs and in that way wisely selective. Give yourself the spiritual, mental, emotional and energetical nourishment that you need.

When you accept inspiration/information, absorb it with your entire energy system, not just your mind. That will keep the energy flowing rather than depleting or overwhelming you. 

Similarly, as a teacher, be sure to make your teaching a holistic experience, and not just information transfer. At the end of the day it’s that energetic experience that opens for the transformation that the world needs now.

And of course, there are many cases, where there is much more to it. Where spiritual seekers struggle with overwhelm and stress. If that’s you, I can help you regain clarity and find your way. Schedule a Light & Joy Discovery Session here.

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