From Loneliness to Purpose and Joy

With the corona pandemic on top of all the other crisis that we are facing, some of the most essential questions a human being can ever try to answer require answering now. Now is the time – because if not now then when?

Meeting with Gila Nehemia¬† was one of the special moments in life when we’re able to lead each other closer to the clarity that we all need.

So grab your favorite beverage and notebook and listen in…


Here are some of the questions that we were contemplating

  • Why we cannot overcome loneliness in spite of engaging in personal and spiritual growth – and how we can
  • Why the ability to enjoy solitude is essential
  • What belonging really means
  • How life pushes us towards our own liberation
  • When awakening can happen
  • How we can align with the work we are born to do
  • Why we have to bring out gifts out (in spite of fear and confusion)
  • Why we have to bring joy into all aspects of our life

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