At night, we fall asleep and a dream begins. Impossible things happen and we lose ourselves in them.
Then, in the morning, we wake up. We’re not lost after all! We ponder the strange experience. Now we can marvel at the wisdom of it, the creativity of it. The conscious dreamer is remembering the dream. What freedom!
Then, we wake up again: This life, this day, this moment, is a dream too! Now, the dream and the joy can be felt as it happens. What magic it is, and what endless love holds it all!
Then, something catches our attention, ooh, we get busy, and our awareness is nowhere to be found. We disappear into the dream, we lose ourselves in it. We fall asleep with open eyes.
But only until the next awakening. There, we can see again.
And so the dreams continue, night and day. But we are not the dreams. We are the creators of them, we are the dreamers!

❓ But what if the dream is a nightmare? What can we do with that?

“You see a nightmare
But it is just a dream”

A nightmare is how fear appears in our dreams. It’s there for a reason.
It comes so that we can experience it. It’s there for us to meet it. It’s there to be released, to be freed and led back to our light. But how?
I and my clients and students use versions of the SEE Approach for that. It’s one of the most simple, natural and transformative tools I’ve come around, ever.
Still, no matter what approach you choose, it does require a certain level of presence. If you’re completely lost in a nightmare, it may take a while before you’re even conscious enough to do something about it. So how do you bring yourself back to that consciousness?
Like you would with a child, I’d say. Give yourself some loving care first.
Just before you lie down to sleep, just like you make your physical bed first, make your energetical bed as well️. Imagine, for example, that your bed and your bedroom is permeated by loving, peaceful, calming energy. And then lie down to sleep.
If you wake up from a nightmare, take a moment to just hold and calm yourself, to lovingly bring yourself to the awareness that it was a dream, and you are the dreamer. Then, as soon as you remember that, apply the SEE Approach (or something similar).
Chances are that at the end of the process you will even have an idea of how the nightmare served you, what it released for you, what it brought to your awareness. If so, take a moment to make a note of it, or record it on your phone. And then, make your energetical bed again and go back to sleep.

“Sooner or later
All nightmares turn into sunrises”

The quotes above are from my yet unpublished poems. If you’re curious about the published ones, explore Love Songs here
~ Image thanks to Free-Photos and PatrizioYoga from Pixabay