Enlightenment: Is it for everyone? Or just for the few chosen ones?

Enlightenment for everyone?! How provoking that sounds…


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Throughout most of my spiritual journey to me enlightenment meant: The complete, full, conscious embodiment of soul / spirit / higher consciousness.

Believing that, I had a rather specific picture of how that would look like. I would imagine someone  standing or moving in a most graceful sort of way, with an eternal smile on their lips, always saying and doing the right thing, endlessly loving, immersed in stillness even as they were speaking, emanating peace and joy and light…  It was the most desirable and most unattainable state I could think of.

So you can imagine how dangerous it felt when the word “enlightenment” became to show half way into the Lightworker Manual.

Even if the word was qualified as in  “we are providing ways to enter into a more enlightened or light-filled experience than ever before, for many more than ever before. It’s not because enlightenment is better or more perfect, it has nothing to do with such judgments. It’s because this is the course of the human evolution and it is a necessary development.”

Even knowing that, it still felt intimidating somehow. I felt like a fraud. Who were I to teach enlightenment? I would never ever call my very human self an enlightened being. I know myself too well for that. I know my imperfections. I am as human as anyone.

But then something started to happen. Such as the experience of sharing an energy that I didn’t know I was sharing.  And that wasn’t an isolated experience. More and more people are telling me that there is this light with me,  even when I’m unaware of it, even when I don’t try to open to it.

So I’m finally beginning to accept that it’s time we for us to redefine the word “enlightenment” rather than getting stuck in those old ideals, these perfect pictures that just keep us away from our actual possibilities.

Enlightenment is not a state, it is a process.

Enlightenment, as I choose to understand it now, is a process of opening to light more than ever before, an individual process and also a collective process for humanity as such. 

An enlightenment process rarely results in the full embodiment of light. It is not the full transformation, and it is not meant to be it either. What our times call for is a general expansion, enlightening more of our individual humanity, and enlightening the humanity as such.

How the enlightenment process feels

It does not feel like enlightenment, not to me. It feels like being  more at peace with life and people, having less reactions to whatever used to trigger me, having more access to joy, experiencing more harmony, more gratitude, more presence.

It’s not perfect, and I don’t expect it to ever become perfect. It’s just lighter and lighter and lighter, in every way.

What it takes for enlightenment to happen

The enlightenment process does require a certain level of energetical freedom so that the light can flow and glow.

It does require a certain alignment with one’s soul, for the same reason.

But it does not require that we become a living Buddha per se. Perhaps because we already are Buddha, even if we’re more or less oblivious to the fact. Buddhas in disguise. Souls pretending they are something else.

Enlightenment then means coming out of the hiding, bit by bit, and allowing that inherent Buddha nature of ours to shine, more and more, knowingly and unknowingly.

And, for that nature of us to show itself, we need to be open. Open to everything in us and everything outside of us. The more we can allow the light of consciousness to embrace any part of us, the more free that light can shine for others as well – even if we’re far from “fully enlightened”.

Can you travel the enlightenment road on your own?

Simple as it may sound, it really isn’t. We are complex beings and the journey can be challenging. It does take time and considerable commitment. And, it takes guidance from someone or something that is at least some steps ahead of where you are.

If you have all the guidance you need already and things are evolving just like you wanted them too, wonderful! But if not…

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