Every fear is a door to awakening

Every fear is a door to a joyful rebirth.
Yet our most common reaction is to avoid that door.
Our tendency when we encounter fear is to do whatever we can to make it go away, so that we don’t have to feel that uncomfortable feeling.
When, for example, there is an upcoming monetary transaction (a bill, perhaps) that triggers fear, there are (at least) three ways in which we try to resolve the situation 1. Find a way to pay the bill (so that we don’t have to feel the fear) 2. Find a way to get rid of the bill (so that we don’t have to feel the fear) 3. Find a way to suppress the fear (so that we don’t have to feel the fear)
All these may work temporarily, but only until fear rises again, for whatever reason. And rise it will, not to hunt us or punish us, but to invite us, again and again, to discover the door behind it. The door to joyful awakening, and to freedom.
Imagine trusting your life enough to meet whatever it brings you. Imagine daring to meet your fear. Imagine daring to meet yourself this way. Imagining reconnecting with your true nature, your soul, your creativity, your joy and your true power.
And imagine, from that space of empowered, joyful freedom to create whatever solution truly serves you and your financial flow best. Not from a space of fear, but from a space of love and joy.
This is absolutely possible, and the first step is to, when fear arises not to push it away, but to welcome it, and ourselves, and the life that is always here for us.
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