How can we share our work with joy and without overwhelm?

As entrepreneurs or creators, how can we share our work with joy and without overwhelm?
For most people, more often than not marketing/promoting/sharing on social media feels like an obligation. And that is not a joyful feeling. Neither is overwhelm.
Yet there can be much more joy in our work, and much less overwhelm, if we’re willing to look at it from a different and deeper perspective.
The general belief is that we’re being overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks ahead of us. But that’s not true.
Overwhelm happens when we’re out of alignment with ourselves and our values. And therefore confused, and stressed from going against ourselves.
When we are aligned, there is clarity and it translates itself into knowing what to do at any given time. Stress goes away, and energy flows.
Overwhelm happens when we fear that we’re not doing things right, when our tendency to perfectionism comes in the way. But our job is not to offer perfection – our job is to offer our gifts.
Overwhelm happens when we work from obligation and forget our deeper desire to serve and to give. When we try to minimize our efforts for practical reasons and go against our hearts’ natural generosity.
When we do allow ourselves to be generous, we do not get overwhelmed or depleted. Our energy circulates. We can give much and we can receive much too.
Generosity relates to the quality of our work much more than quantity. Being generous doesn’t mean that we have to drown ourselves and others in content. We can be generous with less (if that feels right). What matters is that we do it with all our heart.
Working in alignment with our purpose, our intuition and our energy system is absolutely possible. Yes, it does require adequate, regular inner work and practices. They are the foundation of our heart-centered business.
When we build on that foundation, sharing our work becomes a truly joyful and deeply fulfilling experience. For us, and for those we’re here to serve.
I’m curious to hear what your experiences are with any of the above.
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