In which area of life do you miss joy the most?

When we asked members of the Joy Keepers Network that, the most frequent answer was: I miss joy in my body and health.

Not surprising, in these corona times, where so many people are affected by physical distance, physical lack of connection, and last but not least fear.

Fear of physical illness and death, fear of isolation, fear that it will never get better. Fear hurts.

Whereas love heals. And so, as some would say, our most important choice is between love and fear. But what does it mean? And how do we make that choice when it comes to our relationship with our body, and thus also our health?

This, of course, is a gigantic topic. But there is one thing here that is absolutely essential to realize. Namely, that that the love and joy that we need in order to feel fulfilled, whole and healthy is already within us.

This is true in our relationship with our own body too.

I can’t stress this enough: Physical love and joy is the same joy we experience in any other area of life. It does not come from outside. It comes from within.

Most people don’t know this. And so, they seek love and joy in others. And suffer the more or less conscious pains of fear and dependency. I know it from my own experience. There has been a lot of longing and lack in my life.

It helped me find what I was really searching for. Love. Joy. And the blessing of being able to experience it with or without other people around me.

When we discover that we are the love and the joy that we need, a whole new way of living becomes possible for us. From there we can share love and joy with others, not from a space of dependency and need, but from a space of flow and freedom.

It is one of the most profound, transformational realizations possible. And, of course, it is a journey.

To the journey!

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