Joy against guns?

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Yesterday, 800,000+ people were demonstrating for more gun control.  What a deeply touching and amazing experience to witness… What a beautiful generation is growing up and making their voices and hearts heard…


And, there was also a sense of unease, in me, even if not very clear.

This night, I dreamed I visited a school and spoke with the leaders there, explaining how wonderful it would to be to add transformational teaching there. How quickly our world would change if we did that!

But the school leaders were skeptical. They said that schools are supposed to teach information, not transformation.


It was a good dream to dream. It made me ask some deep and unsettling questions:

What can I do? 

What can we do?

Of course, the answers are not easy, and they will keep evolving, but just for now, just to begin somewhere…

Perhaps the first step is to acknowledge what seems obvious yet needs to be said again and again.

Violence does not start in the moment someone buys a gun. Getting a gun is one of the last steps on a very long journey.

Yes, immediate action needs to be taken to prevent that step and the worst possible from happening. But asides of that, we need to get to the core issue.

All violence in the world is preceded by pain. And all pain in the world is also a pain within me and you.

Yes, we are One, in this too.

Here then, are some essential questions for each of us to ponder:

Who am I?

What am I?

What is my pain?

How can I heal the pain within me?

And then, as we open to answers and while we do the inner work that the answers must lead to, there are more questions:

How can I share transformation and not just information?

How can I help others understand that it all begins and ends with themselves? How can I help them heal their pain?

How can I make that understanding available to more people?

What steps can I take? What steps will I take?

I for one don’t have all the answers. This is all work in progress, for me like for all of us. Yet this is where it all needs to go. To a  place where we can not only imagine but actually experience a world where guns are of no interest.

“What if they gave a war and nobody came?”. What if guns were accessible for all and no one wanted them?

In case, you’re wondering what joy’s got to do with it… It has everything to do with it. Because there is no lack of joy in the world or in our lives. That is not the challenge.

The challenge is in everything that comes in the way of joy and awareness.

As Joy Keepers, addressing everything that comes in the way of joy is our challenge too.

As Lightworkers, it is our calling to be part of the global transformation, not just share information. No matter how enlightened the information appears. How do we do that?

HOW will we BE the peace, the light, the joy that we want to see in this world? That is the  open question.

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