Shining light on the patterns that have been restraining us (17)

Have you noticed how a period of expansion is often followed by restriction?
It’s not because you’re going backwards – it’s because as more light shines through, the patterns that were hidden in the dark become visible. And, having experienced the expansion our gut reaction is often to just get rid of those (unnecessary, so it seems) restrictions. That’s what this chapter of the Lightworkers Manual is all about.


It takes a constant Light and openness to see those patterns, to understand them and to support a peaceful transformation. Ultimately that’s our job as Lightworkers in the world as well, to keep shining no matter what seems to happen in us, around us or out there. The mentorship process that is created around the Lightworker Manual will help those who are interested in growing that ability.

Another supportive resource that I just opened the door to is the Joy Keepers Network, a forum for spiritual leaders, coaches, teachers and healers where we can create ways to bring more Light and Joy together, and also inspire and support each other along the way.

Shine on! 🙂

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