Flow: Why Lightworkers need to open more to it (money flow too) (16)

Opening to flow is what being Lightworker is all about!

Our “work” (the work which is not work) is to open to the flow of Light (as much as we can) and then to share it and in this way expand its presence or the awareness of it in our world.

And, our ability to open to Light expands (or contracts) depending on our ability to open to any aspect of flow, including money flow.

That’s what this next chapter of the Lightworker Manual (chapter 16) is about:

Remember, we don’t have to create flow. It’s overflowing already! We just have to open to it and not stand in its way

How to do it is individual, and a way to explore your way is by observing how you are preventing flow in any area of life. Money is always a great place to start these observations.

When you know how you prevent it you will also know how to allow it. And, the video above provides some simple ways to do it.

Whichever way you choose, remember, flow is unconditional, by design (conditions stand in the way of flow!). That’s how we need to open to it and share it as well: freely and unconditionally.

 Where in your life do you experience most and least flow?

What helps you open to more flow? Share your experiences below!

Thank you! <3

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