What a Lightworker can do about trouble, pain and worry

There is an art to approaching trouble and pain and worry.  And the art of it is to feel it fully – and then again not only (that’s why it’s an art!).

We need to feel it fully because we need to be fully with everything that we are. This is the way of self-healing and self-love. This is the way of healing and love as such. It never leaves you, it stays with you, it embraces all that you are.

And then again, in staying and loving and embracing and permeating whatever is there, love remains itself. Love does not become trouble,  pain or worry. Love remains love.

Let love be our teacher. Let it teach us the art of love.

Let us embrace and feel fully whatever is there. But then again, let us not lose ourselves in it. Let us also remain and feel the light and the joy that is the very essence of who we truly are.

Not just because it will feel better (and it will!) and certainly not because it’s the right thing to do (love couldn’t care less about right and wrong!) but because it will make a difference.

When we lose connection with light, with joy, with love, with who and what we truly are, our energy flow dies out. Our universe shrinks and gets heavy somehow.

It happens for us, and it also happens for others around us. Because we all live in the same dream.

But when someone in that dream – you and I – reconnects with light and with joy, and in this way reconnects with life itself, then the entire dream comes alive. Energy begins to flow again, changes can happen, creative changes, abundant changes. For ourselves, and for other people in the dream.

Let’s help each other and the world alive and flowing. Every day, let’s keep connecting and reconnecting with light and joy.

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