Lightworkers Group Coaching Program

For a long time now I’ve had 2 lives, kind of. One life was all about providing spiritual inspiration and support (like in this blog).  In the other I supported and helped resolve issues not related to my spiritual work at all. It was an interesting journey which I appreciate, I learned a lot and met some exceptional people there.

Last week that journey finally came to its end, and after taking one beautiful day off for the transition I’ve been thrilled to be able to focus on my soul’s calling entirely since. And not just thrilled but on fire!

There’s so much I want to do and the time has come for it to be created and shared, with you and with the world. I will of course be sharing more along the way, but here’s the first of these upcoming creations:

The Lightworker Group Program

Shine your Light.
Amplify your impact.
Joyfully and effortlessly,
Change the world.

This program is the first program where you actually get to work with the Lightworker Manual.  It’s designed as a journey where you and a small group of people will work with the manual daily, turn it into practice and receive transformational coaching and practices along the way.


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