What love and money have in common

What stops our joy? Most of the time, it’s fear. And much of that fear has something to do with love – and money. Listen in…

I’d like to share something about love and money. Which may seem like a strange thing to talk about. But actually, money is a theme that has been showing up quite a bit in the spiritual world. And it’s something that many people on the spiritual path struggle with greatly, and I have definitely been one of them. But no more! 🙂

This is something I’ve been exploring for a very long time. And right now there is another wave, where I go deeper and deeper.

So what do love and money have in common? This could be an interesting question to explore, but for now, the one thing that I’d like to share is this:

We fear losing love and we fear losing money.

The experience we’re having, maybe not when we think deeply about it, but on the feeling level is that love is something coming from “out there” and we can lose it, that we can lose  someone’s love.

And we’re having the same experience with money: we believe it is something coming from the external world and we can lose it.

It’s a very deep fear that affects us in many ways: it affects how we relate to other people, how we relate to wealth and money and how we relate to ourselves.

Yet both these fear are just that: they’re fears and they’re lies. Big lies!

Because the truth is that love comes from within. We are love. This is our essence. So we can share it with another, but it doesn’t really come from them. It comes from within.

And the same is the case with wealth. Our wealth, our abundance is our nature. It comes from within. And then it can show up as physical money or things or physical/external wealth… But it does come from within!

Which by the way means that this whole thing with the Law Of Attraction has kind of unfortunate wording I would say. Because money is not something external that we attract. It’s something that we literally manifest in the dream that we call life.

So these are big thoughts but I actually invite you to play with them:

Explore the fear of losing love or money

Whenever you feel it, whenever you become aware that you are fearing losing someone’s love, really go to that feeling and feel it – you can use the SEE Approach for that. And then go back to the knowing that your love comes from within and you can never lose it.

And similarly whenever you fear that you will lose money or that you don’t have enough of it: Feel it, explore that feeling – you can use the SEE Approach for that too – and then go back to the truth: You are abundance. It is your nature.

So play with that… and I would love to know how that unfolds for you, what you find out, what experiences, thought and feelings you encounter!

Thank you!




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