In this changing world, what is our purpose?

I’m having a sense that something is changing, with the people I know, and with the world. It’s subtle.  It’s the way things are getting slightly more disorganized, slightly more unpredictable.

And it’s also the way it concerns me. Because these are my people, this is my world.

But then, this is also my mirror. What is this mirror showing me?

It’s showing me clinging to predictability. Yes, at a time where living without a safety net is still fairly new to me, this is a natural reaction. Even if any safety net is an illusion, letting go of it, as I have, has an effect.

What can I count on now?

I know I can count on what is here and now. I can count on the life that sustains me, and will sustain me for as long as my journey lasts. As it will sustain the people I care about, and the world that is ours.

Meanwhile, change is happening. The waves on the sea that we’re sailing are getting higher, even if in subtle ways.

Learning to live with what is, requires me to change. Learning to let others do what they must do, predictable or not, requires me to change.

My old habit of trying to come to rescue has become inadequate. There is no one that needs to be rescued, there is nothing that needs to be fixed.

Even if it doesn’t look like it, all is well, or will be.

And yet, there is something for us to do, most definitely so.

It’s our purpose, our dharma, our service in the world.

In this world and with the people I get to meet, on this rocking boat that we sail, I can help keep the balance. I can help maintain the peace. I can keep the light shining, and the joy.

This is what I’m here for, I believe. And this is what I open to create wherever I go. In this world and with the people I get to meet.

What do you believe? What is your purpose? Do you know?

And if you know, how do you live it, in this world and with the people you get to meet?

What challenges you? What support do you need? And how can I help you balance your boat and follow your flow?

Come and tell me here.

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