Receiving and giving – the magic and the lessons

How receptive are you? How do you feel about receiving – gifts, money, people, life?

Most of us find it easier to give than to receive. As noble as it may sound, it is actually an imbalance, and it stands in the way of the free flow of energy and love.

This is important and I too am in the midst of another round of learning to receive more. This time it’s about receiving more while working and giving with less effort, with joy rather than with hardship.

It is a beautiful process to move through. And truly magical at times. So let me share with you one such magical story. Not just because it happened, but also because…

Magic happens everywhere and all the time.

It’s just that we don’t notice it and don’t appreciate it. By the way, noticing and appreciating, that’s receptivity too… 🙂

This particular magic was triggered by something that was so small that I hardly noticed it myself. But there was more to it. It had, in Eva Andrea  Ditlefsen’s words,  “a feel to it, of a loving intelligence, guiding it all”. I invite you to read Eva Andrea’s version of this story, titled “Put your hand on your beautiful heart

From my perspective, it was nothing special. I just followed a hunch and connected two people who seemed like such an obvious reflection of each other. All it took was an effortless mention in a few words on Facebook, nothing more.

But again, in this adventure that we call life, one tiny drop of water can create much bigger ripples. Paul Luftenegger speaks about it so sweetly in his sharing here.

There were plenty of ripples…There was the deep meeting of a soul family. There was the gift of Paul’s presence at the event in Spain, and all the hearts he touched with his songs. And then more hearts as the videos from the event were being shared. And from there more hearts that will be touched through his life-changing music.

And there were the many gifts given to me personally through the generosity of Steinar Ditlefsen (one of the most inspiring teachers I have ever met by the way), Eva Andrea and Paul. And last but not least there were…

The lessons – the gifts of insight

It amazes me how precisely these gifts supported my present journey. Perhaps they will support yours too…

What I learned about  value

During the event my experience was that I was being literally overflowed with gifts. To the degree that it became a bit difficult to receive at some point.

How was I to receive so much, when I had given so little?

It took me a while to understand, that I was viewing what came through me as insignificant because it didn’t take any effort or time and was just the most natural thing in the world to do.

Wow. What a huge misunderstanding, to appreciate the outer form of it rather than the actual value of it!

This is so important. And it is especially important in the context of our work as transformational teachers, coaches, healers, lightworkers, or doing any other work that we are called to do.

Because the outer form of our contribution may appear insignificant. Perhaps we’re just spending one hour with another human being. And it’s probably the easiest thing for us to do. It’s effortless. We’re just in the flow. We’re just listening, saying a few things here and there, the right things.

But the value of it is not in the time and in the verbal exchange. The true value of it is in creating a transformation that changes someone’s life.

What I learned about giving and receiving

As I was being overflowed with gifts, at some point I encountered the limit to my receptivity. It became difficult to receive more.

Fortunately, I was very aware of the process, and opened to it. And as I did, it opened itself to me. In that opening I could finally realize, that the giving and the receiving is one. The giver and the receiver is one. We are in the same one field, like petals of the same flowers, or branches of the same tree.

There is no giving and no receiving. There is only the flow.

Life is not even about giving and receiving – even if in a way it is 🙂 . Life is about allowing.

Allow the giving to happen through you and those around you.

Allow the receiving to happen through you and those around you.

Allow the sharing to happen through us.

It’s the most natural thing in the world. We knew how to do it from the day we were born, and we still do. We just need to be reminded. So I’m reminding you now, just like these beautiful souls, Eva, Steinar, and Paul reminded me of it, as well as others that I met during the event, and before and after. Too many to mention here, but you know who you are are…

If you follow any gift in your life, and what preceded it, it will eventually take you to the day you were born.

You are the gift.

We are the gift and our life is an endless stream of gifts, a magically scripted adventure. Always, always, always happening for us, and with us.

Us living it together, us giving and receiving together. Us sharing. Always. No matter how it looks.

So let love flow.  Let the magic continues. This is only the beginning.


Final words: 😉 What is the true, lasting value of what you are giving, through your work and life? I invite you to spend some time pondering it.

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