Purpose As A Door To Joy

Purpose as a door to Joy — and my counter-intuitive experiences with structure vs flow is what this video is about.

Here are the resources mentioned in the video:

And here’s a short overview of what the video is about. Please use this as notes for your brain – not a replacement of the video that will speak to your heart and soul as well. 🙂

  • Joy is always there – it’s not brought to us by something external
  • Meditation is a door to Joy (but not the only one, of course)
  • Structuring our life in alignment with our true purpose can serve as a door to Joy – while a rigid structure can close that door quite efficiently
  • Following our flow when done consciously and with great presence can serve as a door to Joy – while following it in a mindless sort of way has the opposite effect
  • Presence is essential for Joy
  • Being in alignment with our true purpose is essential — when it comes to Joy
  • And all of it is work in progress – joyful work!
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