To find the joy that we’re looking for

To find the joy that we’re looking for we need to look deeply into the very Self of us.

It takes more than just understanding ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts, our life stories. It takes a deeper experience, a deep knowing of ourselves

The more we can be connected with our very source and our joy this way, the more we’re able to accept and embrace anything that may be happening within us or outside us. Including the challenges that come our way. Including the tremendous pressures of our world at this time.

We may hardly be aware of it, but deep within us there is a longing to know ourselves as our own truth. Life plants that longing in us and it also answers it, in its own ways.

It starts with the first glimpse of knowing, an intuitive experience of what our truth really is, of who we really are. From there our intuition guides us deeper and further. If we follow it, it becomes more than intuition. It becomes a dawning experience of our true nature, us knowing ourselves as such.

It happens not all at once but gradually. Life makes sure of it, giving us moments at first, then more moments, then perhaps a way to stay in that inner connection longer. In meditation, in creative experiences, in nature… and then bringing that growing awareness into our daily lives and our work.

Bit by bit, step by step we align with our truth. The more we do it, the less fear there is in our lives. As there is less fear, there is more stillness in the mind. More presence.

We become the light and the joy we have been searching for.



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