Even if you choose the road less traveled you don’t have to walk it alone

I talked with a client about it yesterday, how those of us that choose the road less traveled are lucky to be able to connect with like-minded spirits across the globe. How lonely it would have been if we could only talk with our neighbors. Who by the way can be wonderful and loving, but don’t necessarily understand our path, our work, our unique aspirations and challenges.

Life is infinitely bigger than what we can imagine. And when a connection is to happen, life makes sure that it does. It keeps amazing me how these connections and synchronicities take place.

Like when something I suddenly felt inspired to express and so share on social media turns out to be the answer someone was seeking in that moment. Meaningful, personal exchanges can happen, even in the simple form of an online comment.

Sometimes, with a connection like that I feel moved to invite the person to a more direct, deeper conversation (on Zoom). Sometimes, if that’s what is needed and wanted, we use that time for deep coaching and mentoring.

By the way, these are not the so-called discovery sessions where people are being manipulated to buy something. My intention with a meeting like that is to create connection, to serve and to give another human an experience of what is possible.

I know and trust, that the life that brought us together will also know what is to happen from there. I don’t have to push for it, and I wouldn’t, simply because it’s not my nature. If someone wants to continue working with me, they are free to ask. Just like they are free not to.

Alignment means everything to me. In the way I connect with others, and also in the way I live and work. The beautiful experience is that it works. What no business system in the world could give me, my road less traveled does. There is flow. There is deep, joyful fulfillment, workwise and personally. There is more than enough of everything.

This is also what I want to support my clients in experiencing when it comes to their work and life. To help them come in alignment with their nature, their true self, their unique path. And then build their life and work around it, with joy, flow and a deep sense of certainty.

If you feel drawn to or already do walk the road less traveled, know that while it has its challenges, it will also bring you gifts like nothing else will. But it requires that you stay true. True to yourself. True to your path. True to what you are to express in the world. And that is a journey.

If you’re curious about how I can support you on that journey here’s how

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