Our yearning and our joy

Within us lives a light. That in itself could be enough to make us eternally happy. But that’s not how it works. Because right next to the light within us lives a calling, a yearning to share our light with the world. Isn’t that the very meaning of our existence? And if so, what is that frustration within?

Yes, we know that we shine and express our light already, in some ways, sometimes, under certain circumstances. Yet, there are also those nagging thoughts. “It is not enough. I am not enough. I have so much more to give…”

But how? After all, we cannot spend our entire day in meditation, in prayer or in nature (isn’t that where we experience our light most clearly?). There are so many demands—work, family, the house, the bills, stuff…

Not to mention all that arises within us along the way. The overwhelm, mental and emotional, if not physical. The mist of confusion, the secret doubts, the many fears… How on Earth are we supposed to juggle all that at once and then also be that sweet angelic voice in the midst of life’s turmoil?

We want to! But it seems impossible. And therefore, we live with a sense of not quite being who we were meant to be, not quite living the way we were meant to live, not quite bringing what we sense we are capable of bringing to the world. So it feels… But what if the feeling is but misguided aspiration?

What if life is not asking us to be a spiritual superhero? What if life doesn’t want us to sit in quiet meditation and with a perfect smile all day long? What if it is, rather, inviting us to meet life as is and ourselves as we are? What if what life really wants is for us to discover the light and the joy that is everywhere already? And what if life is already leading us there?

What if life really happens for us and not to us? What if it is a divine adventure, scripted for us exactly the way it is, for a reason? What if all life wants from us is for us to meet every experience with our presence?

Because when we are truly present to what is, no matter how mundane or unpleasant an experience appears, something magical can happen. We begin to SEE the light that is there already. The light within us meets the light in the world. It feels like love, and it is. That, in all its simplicity, is the secret of living in the light.

We are born to shine our light exactly where we are, in the midst of life’s apparent messiness, and we can. We are born to live life’s adventure right here on Earth, all included, and we do. It is through accepting ourselves and embracing our life that we find the answer to our yearning and the gift of our joy.

~ ~ ~

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

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