Even if you love your solo business it can feel lonely at times

Just as you start on your new business, perhaps coming from a job, it feels wonderful (even if also scary at times). You have your own office, and all the creative ideas keeping you awake at night. And, most importantly, your freedom! 🗽

But after a while you may experience that something is missing.

Who to talk to about your vision, your ideas and your struggles? With whom to share lunch and coffee breaks, the Friday high and the Monday low?

Where do you belong?

Now it’s all on you, including all the uncertainties that come with running your own business.

So much so that you might find yourself playing with the thought of going back to the stability of your old job… 🤔

Even if you know you left for a reason. You left because something new was calling you, something bigger. An adventure.

All adventure have their challenges. Including the pandemic, on top of everything else.

I’m wondering how it affected all this. Has working as solo entrepreneur, therapist, teacher or artist become more or less lonely?

When your clients don’t come to the office but to the online conference room, when the people you’d otherwise be meeting with at life events, co-working spaces or cafés only show up on camera.

How does it feel?

💡 The answer depends on how you experience loneliness. What triggers it? Is it when you’re physically alone, emotionally alone, mentally alone or spiritually alone?

💡The answer also depends on something else entirely. Namely our understanding of what loneliness really is.

We do know, most of us, that loneliness is caused by what we experience as lack of connection. What most people do not realize –because our culture doesn’t acknowledge it and thus does not show it or teach it — is this:

⭐At its core, loneliness is caused by lack of connection not with others but with ourselves. ⭐

We feel lonely when we cannot feel the connection with our very Soul ~ Source ~ God ~ Universe. Loneliness is a feeling of separation from Oneness.

I’m not saying this lightly, by the way. I’ve been exploring it all my life, and have seen it again and again with others as well.

And so, whenever we experience loneliness, we have a choice to either

✴ Seek connection with others before connecting with ourselves, or

✴️ Reconnect with our own love, joy and essence before connecting with others

By the way, there is no right or wrong here! But there is a difference.

When we dare to take care of our inner connection first, something very special can happen. We realize that we can feel connected, fulfilled and joyful, even if we are alone. And because of that, we can be more connected and freer with others too — whether they are near or far away. 💫

It takes practice. And it is absolutely possible. I see it in my life and in the lives of my clients.

But how about you? Have you ever felt lonely in your business or work ❓


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