“If I choose what I really want to work with my life will fall apart”?

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Ever encountered that thought?

Especially if what you really want to work with is not something immediately profitable, such as art, writing, music or something else creative. But also just if it is too far from your current job/business description, it can definitely feel terrifying. Even if also life-affirming and desirable!

Most people don’t even contemplate the possibility of making such change. If you do, let me start by saluting you!

And then remind you that even if you have been considering this choice for a long time, you don’t need to make it right away. Time is on your side (I’ll explain that in a moment).

What you do need to do is prepare. The preparation is not only in terms of external action. It is just as much an ⭐ internal preparation. ⭐ And that includes understanding and trusting your own journey through life.

I believe we are all born with the seed to our ultimate purpose and work already within us. And then life then takes us on a journey, through which that seeds germinates, grows and eventually becomes what it was meant to become.

You can become who you were meant to become.

Your journey has taken you to where you are now. And it will take you further still until you can express what you are here to express, in whatever form.

It may not be what society thinks you should be. It may not even be what you think you should be. But it will be the most fulfilling experience of yourself that you can have.

You are not alone on that journey. Your Inner Self / Soul / God / Source is with you every step of it, and guides you along the way, through your intuition and through your work (yes, through your present work too).

And so, from that perspective, even if you don’t yet feel that you fully express what you are meant to express, and that a choice has to be made, the conflict is not in making that choice.

The conflict is within, and it is caused by fear and lack of trust in the journey and in the support that is available.

That’s the preparation too, then, ️ to create a sufficient level of peace inside so that you can make your choice from a space of (more) certainty and (inner) stability.

It is a Winding Road To Purpose and Joy for a reason.

❓Can you recognize any of the above? Where are you on your journey?

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